Home - DRCORDOBA.COM - Dr. Cordoba offers you cutting-edge plastic cosmetic surgery techniques, procedures and treatments with state of the art technology.

  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/plastic-surgeon-montreal.html Dr. Cordoba - DRCORDOBA.COM - Dr Cordoba est un Chirurgien Plasticien Spécialiste en Chirurgie des Seins, Chirurgie Augmentation Mammaire avec des Implants en Silicone ou par Lipofilling avec des Injections de Votre Propre Graisse à MontréalChirurgie des seins, chirurgie mammaire, implant mammaire et l'Augmentation mammaire
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/procedures/facelift-lifting-rhytidectomy-face-lift-surgery-montreal.html Face - DRCORDOBA.COM - Dr. Cordoba practices regularly aesthetic facial surgeries such as facelift, lipofilling, lips, rhinoplasty, implants, chin and cheekbones in Montreal.
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/procedures/cosmetic-breast-surgery-montreal.html Breast - DRCORDOBA.COM - Dr. Cordoba, plastic surgeon, specialist in breast surgery, breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction, correction of nipples and areolas in Montreal.
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/procedures/abdomen-surgery-montreal.html Abdomen - DRCORDOBA.COM - Dr. Cordoba regularly practices abdominal surgery, abdominoplasty and liposuction in Montreal
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/procedures/body-tummy-tuck-liposuction-mommy-makeover-montreal.html Body - DRCORDOBA.COM - Body cosmetic surgery contouring is performed by Dr. Cordoba in Montreal like lipofilling, liposuction and implants.
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/procedures/implants-montreal.html Implants - DRCORDOBA.COM - Silicone implants are used to increase, improve and correct the lack of volume of one or more parts of your body and face by Dr. Cordoba in Montreal
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/procedures/aesthetic-medicine-non-surgical-treatment-skin-appearance-montreal.html ESTHETIC PROCEDURES - MEDICAL TREATMENTS - DRCORDOBA.COM - Dr. Cordoba practices chemical peels, Dysport injections or hyaluronic acid in Montreal to improve the appearance of the skin due to aging or other factors.
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/procedures/fat-injections-montreal.html Fat Grafting - Fat Transfer - DRCORDOBA.COM - Augmentation with lipofilling or injections of your own fat is one of the most common surgeries performed with Dr. Cordoba in Montreal
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/eyelid-lift-blepharoplasty-surgery-montreal.html Eyelid Lift - Blepharoplasty - DRCORDOBA.COM - Cosmetic eyelid lift surgery, blepharoplasty in Montreal helps restore the natural appearance of your eyes.
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/face-lift-lifting-facelift-rhytidectomy-surgery-montreal.html Face Lift - Rhytidectomy - DRCORDOBA.COM - Facelift, lifting by Dr. Cordoba is a popular and much sought cosmetic surgery in Montreal.
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/browlift-forehead-eyebrow-lift-surgery-montreal-cosmetic.html Forehead Lift - Browlift - DRCORDOBA.COM - Forehead lifting, brow lift by Dr Cordoba in Montreal consists in stretching forehead skin due to sagging and aging of the skin.
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/nose-rhinoplasty-surgery-montreal.html Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty - DRCORDOBA.COM - Rhinoplasty, nose surgery in Montreal changes the appearance of the nose, the nasal tip or nostrils.
  • http://www.drcordoba.com/en/nasal-implant-surgery-nose-montreal-rhinoplasty.html Nasal Implant - DRCORDOBA.COM - Thanks to nasal implants, Dr. Cordoba can enhance, correct, and straighten your nose in Montreal.

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