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  • SeattleCarol - Be cautious - make sure this is the right tool for your specific injury

    Be cautious - I did order this item and had it fitted by a Physical Therapist and my Surgeon looked at it also - it is not for all lower leg injuries. If you have a simple ankle or foot fracture this might work for you. If you have had ligament, tendon, achilles damage I would not recommend this item. The second leg strap, in order to hold the device securely to your lower leg has to be very tight. This puts pressure on the muscles, tendons ligaments etc... I had an Achilles tear and repair and was advised that the device will do more damage then good. As an engineer - a simple redesign of the second strap placement would be a solution for comfort for everyone.

  • Mary-Anne I. Sanders - A Honey of a Kettle

    I think I read about all of the reviews before buying this dutch oven (Cherry Red). I put it in my shopping cart, then procrastinated - checked back, and the price had increased by about $30.

  • Alyssa C - Super soft

    This head support pillow is really soft. I really like the way it feels. It also seems pretty breathable. it hasnt made the babies head sweaty or anything while she uses it. Im not sure the long term effects this has, as in helping with flat head, since we havent had it long enough to see the results but i can imagine it would work great to help with not create the flat head as laying in just a crib would do. I really like the coffee color because it doesnt show much dirt or anything like that. Again, its REALLY soft, not only the fabric but the foam as well.