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  • Kimberly K. - Absolutely amazing!!

    I happened to be tagged in a video for this on fb by my daughter in law and decided to try it. I couldn't be happier that I did!! Yeah, it's just a block of wood with basically a saw attached and I seriously wish I would have thought of it!! I immediately opened it and tried it out on my two "short" haired German Shepherds. They don't really long hair, but as anyone with German Shepherds know, they have hair and a TON of it!! lol Anyway, they loved it and I had a TON of hair on the floor in the matter of minutes!! I have furminators, which I also like, but this doesn't feel like it pulls and tears like the furminators do. It's sharp to the touch, but gentle on their hair. I mean, obviously, if you push to hard or go over and over thin spots, the skin will be irritated, that's common sense, but these are amazing on dogs with long, thick hair. I didn't receive a discount or anything for my honest review. I wish I had, I would have bought more since I always put things down and forget where I left them! lol However, I can't speak on curly haired or short haired dogs, but German Shepherds with their thick hair and heavy undercoat, I can say it's amazing and highly recommended!! 😊

  • Johnny Phive - Great affordable smart outlets

    Great affordable smart outlets. These work flawlessly with Echo. The only caveat is that you need to do the proper setup with the TPLINK Kasa app on a mobile device that is connected to your network. You setup the outlets on your network via the Kasa app and THEN and only THEN can you successfully setup the connection to your Echo via the Alexa mobile app. Once the setup was completed on the TP-Link/Kasa side, adding it to echo was a snap. Worked flawlessly with Alexa ever since. I use it for a standing lamp and for the air conditioner. It also helps to name the items in a basic way. keep it simple. I tried to just use "AC" for the air conditioner and found that alexa had a hard time with that. Maybe if i spelled it phonetically it would work better, but i just opted for "Air Conditioner" and Alexa understands that without any issue at all. So just be sure to follow the instructions for the TP-Link first and get it setup on your home network with the Kasa App and then move onto the process of adding it to the Echo and things should work out. I want to buy these things every time they are on sale but have a hard time justifying it to my wife and/or finding a device to connect to it haha.