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  • Critical Illness Insurance | DMC Group - Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump-sum cash payment life insurance benefit in the event you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness.
  • Accident insurance as protection from largest financial risk | DMC Group - Protect yourself from accident injuries as the leading cause of death among people ages 1 to 34 and the fifth leading cause of death for all ages.
  • Life Insurance options | DMC Group - Life insurance enables individuals and families of all income brackets and lifestyles to maintain independence in the face of financial hardships.
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  • Medicare Part D prescription drug plans | DMC Group - Medicare Part D plans offer prescription drug coverage to everyone with Medicare. You may pay a late penalty If you do not join when you’re first eligible.
  • Funeral Insurance | DMC Group - Over 90% of us think funeral insurance and planning is a good idea and recognize that sparing loved ones the emotional and financial burden is important.
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  • Chocoholicka - Don't even bother, unless you ONLY like following the pictograms

    more than half of the songs are impossible to dance to unless you like looking at the pictograms and not the dancer, because either everything is too dark and you're guessing the movements you can't see (for example in Bad Romance, it's all dark background, dark figure, and the glove doesn't glow!) or other dancers overlap the dancer you're following, and you can't see the arm/glove. Just Dance 2015 defeats the purpose of "practice your moves". Returned the same day...

  • Rachel M. Hudacko - not working like I expected it to

    Although it does seem to curb my appetite and gives me energy, I have not lost a single pound and I've been taking it for a month. I've cut back on calories since I don't feel hungry when I take it and I still have not lost any weight. I'll give it another month I guess.

  • Allison - This stuff is great but don't follow the instructions!

    A few years ago, I was coming down with a cold and I was wondering what I could take to lessen the effects of it (I typically just get congestion and sore throat with a PND-induced cough). One of my friends recommended I take Airborne (Zesty Orange, of course). I got myself a tube of it and have been using it since! Some people say it does not work and that any effects of it are just a placebo-effect but I can honestly say that my cold symptoms are diminished when I take this stuff along with my decongestant of choice.

  • Terry meadows - amazing service

    5 stars, prompt delivery, works flawless, a+ service, will definitely order more from amazon in the future, can't believe how amazing the customer service is and the xbox is an amazing machine, the first time I heard it will revolutionize how you watch tv I laughed but it's so true

  • Donald Williams - Freedompop, a deceptive money pit.

    Freedompop has a great product, however, their billing practices are extremely deceptive. If I sign up for a plan at $17 per month, and then get charged $60 over a three day period with no explaination, I feel I've been ripped off. They claim I was charged fees (deposit, and first time use fee) that were never mentioned in their promotion. I cancelled, immediately to cut my losses. I refund in out of the question. Don't trust these folks.

  • Sharon - Awesome study tool!!

    It was a great tool to study for HESI and NCLEX besides preparing me for my Kaplan testing. I did my Kaplan pretest and scored an 86%; I would definitely recommend it to anyone preparing for state boards.