EAS | Introduction - Index - Welcome to this online tutorial on the dietary management of dyslipidemias, as an important part in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Features the latest guidelines and practical advice.

  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk EAS | Cvd Risk - Index - The economic burden of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular disease risk factors.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk/measure_risk EAS | Cvd Risk - Measure Risk - Lowering total and LDL-cholesterol levels is the key therapeutic target for reducing CVD risk. This is a central target in the prevention of CVD along with diet, other lifestyle changes and drug therapies.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk/modifiable_risk EAS | Cvd Risk - Modifiable Risk - Other modifiable risk factors of cardiovascular disease include atherogenic lipid triad, blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk/risk_assesment EAS | Cvd Risk - Risk Assesment - Current ways to measure cardiovascular risk include the SCORE risk chart, the Framingham system and the JBS heart age risk calculator.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk/prevention EAS | Cvd Risk - Prevention - Cardiovascular disease is the result of a lifelong process and, as such, intervention strategies to reduce risk such as adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle should begin as early in life as possible.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention EAS | Cvd Prevention - Index - Dietary modifications and lifestyle interventions make an important contribution to cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/dietary_patterns EAS | Cvd Prevention - Dietary Patterns - Specific dietary patterns are associated with a reduction of CVD risk, which are also favorable to manage dyslipidemia, particularly: The Mediterranean Diet, The Portfolio Diet and The Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/med_diet EAS | Cvd Prevention - Med Diet - The Mediterranean diet may be considered as a “gold standard” eating pattern for CVD risk prevention as adherence to it favourably affects numerous CVD risk factors.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/portfolio EAS | Cvd Prevention - Portfolio - Plant foods that are high in dietary fibre, vegetable proteins and unsaturated fats alongside plant sterols in the daily diet is advantageous to improve an abnormal blood lipid profile.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/dash_diet EAS | Cvd Prevention - Dash Diet - The DASH diet is an eating plan primarily targeted to lower blood pressure and is also an effective nutritional strategy to prevent CVD.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/summary_recommendations EAS | Cvd Prevention - Summary Recommendations - A healthy diet can be achieved in multiple ways and preferably, with a wide combination of foods.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats EAS | Dietary Fats - Index - Diet and lifestyle interventions for CVD prevention include the effects of different types of dietary fats on blood cholesterol and the role of nuts and fish/fish oil in CVD prevention.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats/fatty_acids EAS | Dietary Fats - Fatty Acids - The role of saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids and dietary cholesterol in dyslipidemia.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats/unsaturated_fats EAS | Dietary Fats - Unsaturated Fats - The role of unsaturated fatty acids, such as dietary cholesterol, monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), omega-6 and omega-3 in dyslipidemia.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats/moving EAS | Dietary Fats - Moving - Dietary management of CVD risk is a key element in CVD prevention. Hence, considering foods, rather than nutrients in isolation, is advantageous.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats/nutshell EAS | Dietary Fats - Nutshell - For CVD prevention, the type of dietary fat, but not the total amount of fat, predicts their effects on blood cholesterol levels.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/stanols_sterols/what EAS | Stanols Sterols - What - The sources of plant sterols and stanols, which are found in all plant-based foods.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/stanols_sterols/cardio_benefits EAS | Stanols Sterols - Cardio Benefits - Continuous intake of plant sterols and stanols is needed to maintain the LDL-cholesterol lowering effect over time.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/stanols_sterols/eas_recommendations EAS | Stanols Sterols - Eas Recommendations - Plants sterols and stanols are recommended by the EAS as a part of lifestyle intervention in the management of dyslipidemia.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/stanols_sterols/nutshell EAS | Stanols Sterols - Nutshell - Plant sterols and stanols have been shown to effectively lower TC and LDL-cholesterol concentrations in a dose-dependent manner.

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