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  • Job Burnout and Depression - This article explains job burnout, how job burnout relates to depression and other problems, some factors that are related to burnout and how you can reduce burnout.
  • Depression Self Help by Changing Depressive Thinking - This article explains how negative thinking about one’s self, the world, and the future contributes to depression and how you can experience depression self help by changing your negative thinking.
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  • Walk Away From Depression -- Exercise and Depression - This article discusses exercise and depression explaining how you can use exercise to help your depression.
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  • Helping Someone Who is Depressed - This article will help you know what to do and what not to do when helping someone who is depressed.
  • Job For The Disabled And Depressed: Some Problems and Solutions - This article describes some problems that disabled people face when trying to find a job for the disabled.. Solutions are suggested.
  • Self Help Depression With Transformation Skills - Explains how Transformation Skills can be used to self help depression and how you can learn transformation skill.
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  • IcantThinkOFApinName - Very Useful!

    I will put it in my pocket on cold days and walk around with it all day and it keeps my pocket warm. Just pull the felt tip off after using and let it cool, then put it back on, then put the warmer inside a zip-lock baggie to save the fuel. But the fuel will evaporate in 30 days if you don't use it. Anyways, VERY handy!

  • J. Diaz - Looks Great

    Ok, my wife got these for me for Christmas. She ordered them from vendor and the pieces were used and the gas pedal had a clip already broken off. Being that it was my wifes first time ordering from Amazon she didnt know what she needed to do so she told me what happened. Needless to say that I had seen the broken pedal amd my Christmas present surprise was ruined.

  • Karen Kincaid - Surprise!

    I understand this product is marketed for face acne....however, some of us, especially those of us who wear blue jeans every single day in the winter, sometimes experience acne, well, on the buttox! So I gave it a try, just had a few bumps, and two days later, GONE! Oh, and it works on the face too! I would definitely recommend this product. When you first apply, you feel the coolness of the tea tree oil, but that quickly dissipates, so no worries! I am definitely keeping a few extras around in the event the product becomes unavailable.


    I just received the Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights in the mail. I absolutely love the look of the stainless steel on these lights. I put them in the ground around my fenced in area of my pool in the backyard. I guess I should have read the directions because for two nights the lights were not on and then my husband told me to look for a tab on the battery or a switch and low and behold there was a switch near the light to turn on and off. lol. These lights are so impressive because beside being LED they shine so much nicer then the solar lights that I had before. Definitely a big plus on these lights and they look absolutely AMAZING. This is a 5 star product and I couldn't be any happier with it.

  • JustReading - Very helpful, but not the best to me

    I used this book several years ago to help me get direction in life once I got out of college and actually had to act on the age-old question of "what do you want to be when you grow up?"! In 2010 I am revisiting this classic. And I am giving it 4 stars because the newest edition is definitely still jammed full of useful advice about career choices and the job search process. HOWEVER, this book has the same flaws as the older versions: it is too long and too scattershot in its approach. The book has way too many charts/diagrams/grids - many of which you must complete, including the "Flower Diagram." I don't know about you, but I don't particularly want to spend hours on end working through a career book and drawing diagrams.... SO I greatly prefer Scott Smith's "FIND YOUR PERFECT JOB." It is MUCH more concise and easier to use while still being jammed full of useful advice. FYPJ's "Perfect Job Profile" accomplishes much more quickly what 300+ pages of Bolles' book tries to do. And if you are a young professional then FYPJ is specifically tailored for you (it includes very interesting info on business and law school programs, two areas that Parachute has no information on). 

  • David Hood - Much Needed Upgrade Fills Holes of Previous Versions

    OneNote was a really good, but flawed product before. I tried OneNote 2007 a few years ago and loved it, but had trouble using it over two different computers -- work and home.

  • Mither - great taste, subtle not too sweet

    These taste great, and despite the high temperature, mine all still arrived as little individual bears. You may not wish to order int the summer. Beware, take your chances, but it worked alright for me.