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  • http://www.dailyregister.com/sports/20161026/middle-school-hoops-ems-girls-knock-off-fairfield Middle School Hoops: EMS girls knock off Fairfield - Sports - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL - The Eldorado Middle School seventh and eighth grade girls’ basketball teams won at Fairfield Monday night. The eighth grade team earned a 33-23 victory and moved to 4-0 on the season, while the seventh grade squad got their first win of the season with a 25-3 victory.In the eighth grade game, Lexie Mitchell scored 15 points to lead the way. Lilly Mosby added eight points, while Emma Wargel and Lacey Hobbs each finished with four points. Alexa Haenel had two points for the Eagles.In the
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/sports/20161026/prep-volleyball-harrisburg-hammers-victory-over-carbondale-headed-to-regional-final Prep Volleyball: Harrisburg hammers victory over Carbondale, headed to regional final - Sports - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL - The Harrisburg Bulldogs were looking to dish out a little payback to the Carbondale Terriers for a loss earlier in their season. At the Benton Regional, they were given that opportunity and the Bulldogs put away their opponents in two sets (25-21, 25-19) to advance to the IHSA 3A Regional Championship game.That game is to take place on Thursday night at Benton where the Bulldogs will take on the Red Devils of Murphysboro.“I think we did well,” said Heather Cox, Harrisburg coach.
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/news/20161025/harrisburg--voters-decide--electricity-issue Harrisburg voters decide electricity issue - News - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg voters will decide whether or not to participate in an electricity aggregation program on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8.What does that mean?In a question that appears on the bottom of the ballot, voters will be asked if the city should have the authority to arrange the supply of electricity for its residents and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such a program.Harrisburg Finance Commissioner John McPeek supports the referendum."Municipal aggregation is a
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/news/20161024/sic-board-focuses-on-new-normal SIC board focuses on 'new normal' - News - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL - The Southeastern Illinois College Board of Trustees last week at its regular monthly meeting focused on positive results in what is now being termed the "new normal" of higher education in Illinois.For instance, it was revealed that more in-district high school students chose to attend SIC than last year, while the drop in the 20-25 age demographic is the most dramatic.Over a 24-month period, SIC has only lost 2 percent of its headcount, a plus when looking at the trend data in the region.
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/sports/20161020/juco-hoopsgreat-expectations JUCO Hoops:Great Expectations - Sports - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL - Ranked Top 12 nationally and 1 All-American, Smithpeters & Vols have eyes set on big things this season
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/news/20161020/first-appearance--set-for-burns--on-new-charges First appearance set for Burns on new charges - News - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL -  Brian Burns of Harrisburg, who is already facing murder charges, will make his first appearance next month in Saline County Circuit Court on new charges of solicitation, conspiracy to commit aggravated kidnapping, and attempted aggravated kidnapping.Court date has been set for Nov. 22.Burns is alleged to have attempted to pay an undercover Saline County Sheriff's Office detective, David Blazier, $1,000 to kidnap State's Attorney Mike Henshaw.Earlier this week, Henshaw filed a motion
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/news/20161019/local-democrats-lead-money-race Local Democrats lead money race - News - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL -  No one with a television needs to be told southern Illinois candidates for seats in Springfield are spending lots of money ahead of the Nov. 8 election, but recent campaign reports show local Democrats outspending their Republican rivals recently.Candidates recently had to disclose their spending activity over the last three months, and those reports show that state Sen. Gary Forby, a Benton Democrat seeking re-election, spent about $913,000 in the third quarter of the year. His
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/news/20161018/district-report-cards-to-be-updated District report cards to be updated - News - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL - Interested parents and those looking to move to the area will now have more information at hand regarding area school districts.The website www.illinoisreportcard.com allows the public to look at “fast facts” about schools and districts in the state. Currently, facts include the number of schools in a district, average class size, and graduation rate.At Harrisburg High School, for example, the graduation rate is 83 percent. At Eldorado High School, it is the same (83 percent). In
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/news/20161018/rv-park-may-locate-in-harrisburg RV park may locate in Harrisburg - News - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg Mayor Dale Fowler is looking for public feedback about the proposed creation of an RV park on the city's north side.During the past couple of years, Fowler said he has received requests from RV camping enthusiasts, tourists and leaders of various organizations asking about the possibility of the city, also known as the Gateway to the Shawnee National Forest and the Hub of Southeastern Illinois, opening an RV park.Fowler said one of the requests came to him from a Vietnam veteran
  • http://www.dailyregister.com/Sports Sports - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL - Harrisburg, IL - No matter the season, follow your favorite team's Ws & Ls with us! Full coverage, schedules, scores & stats for Pro, College & HS Sports.

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