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  • Amazon Customer - I was very excited to get his product. I ...

    I was very excited to get his product. I didn't realize I had a sensitive scalp until I applied this. I had to cease application due to a burning and itching sensation. I'm sure this product would have worked well but I wasn't able to continue using.

  • makaveliagain - Works great

    Nice alternative to a full priced toner, Plugged it into my 1080 HP Laserjet. I only print black and white. This toner has worked great for what I do. For a commercial type just print black and white what I need nothing fancy this toner has worked great. I have had a few faint black streak on paper but I think it is my printer not the toner.

  • Lcwos - Saved the day for me...........

    The ONLY glue I use. Water activated, it does expand so when they tell you to put a THIN LAYER on, they mean it. I broke my porcelain toilet tank top cover into two pieces right where the flushing handle goes through the opening. The toilet was installed in 1976 and is in HARVEST GOLD color so impossible to find a replacement top for. So, out comes the Gorilla Glue and it saved the day. It not only was water proof, but allowed me to be able to re-attach and screw on the flushing handle. It lasted 2 years until we upgraded the bathroom and replaced the toilet.

  • Bryce Hay - Problem Solved!

    This product is amazing. I have suffered from constipation for as long as I can remember and this is the only product I have found to keep me regular.

  • Anthony Lower - Better than the previous in most ways

    Played this last night for about an hour. Instead of a real work out I jumped around from activity to activity. I like all of the new classes they've added. I used Cardio Boxing a lot last game,(lost 45 pounds) and can see I'll be using the Hip Hop and Latin dancing often too.

  • Deebi27 - You Can User External Speakers MAC users

    January 2016, I was in need of a new monitor. I came to Amazon to look. As I went to this computer and that I finally landed on this Acer R240HY. As I read and read reviews (I always read reviews and questions/answers...very valuable info is there) I noticed a reviewer who posted about those with MAC users.