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  • Kent D. Cordill - Old expired product

    The product was expired. There was small print on the web page with the expired date, however I did not see it until after it arrived and investigated it. I assumed supplements and medications sold on Amazon were not old expired products. I was wrong. Beware!

  • Happy - Savior

    I almost died from a septic blood infection that was the result of an kidney infection I didn't know I had 10ish years ago (the university thought I was having an allergic reaction to a shot until I got a 106.5 fever). Since then I have gotten UTIs 6 plus times a year. A friend told me about AZO, I thought it would be a crock honestly. I bought this when we were moving and felt the "UTI twinge" start and knew I wouldn't have health insurance in my new local for a while... SURPRISE!!!! It worked like a charm. I've now been taking this daily for a year and for the first time in over a decade, haven't had a single UTI. Heck my dog got a UTI (he's a walking vet bill and got infected via nuetering) and I gave him one of these a day after the THIRD round antibiotics kicked in and he's six months with no issues...and amazingly it's helped his allergy problems too.

  • dogmom in Calif. - worked for my dog, not for my husband.

    My husband began taking Serrapeptase for high cholesterol and angina. He took it twice a day for 4 months then reduced to once a day. It's been over a year and he continues to have angina. His last cholesterol test was high even with a regimented diet and appropriate supplements (no way I could stick to his diet, it's that bad).

  • Neil 'Superfly' Guy - Will Help if Your Training Regime and Diet is Top Notch

    M STAK aids (amongst other things) protein synthesis, this should not be confused with STAK which is a hormone modulator.

  • NorCalo - A Great Shot of Energy

    I like this product as a pre-workout supplement. It's caffeine-based, which you can definitely feel, and the thermogenic component really does get a good sweat going. Is it an absolutely must have? Probably not. However, it gives me just the right kick and focus to put in a good session at the gym.