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  • Kwan McComas - VS2012 Downgrade

    I am a professional user and huge fan of Microsoft products, especially Visual Studio. I was super excited to upgrade from VS2008 to the latest and greatest version of Visual Studio with my new Windows 8 development machine. It was such a letdown to buy and install it only to find out that the outstanding user interface and some key features have been removed in VS2012. The immediate disappointment is the usability decrease. The lack of color, font and icon contrasts makes it hard on the eyes ({toggle_previous_statuses}). Also, some useful features have been dropped, such as their standalone installer (

  • A.M. - I took this bottle into our recent appointment for him and asked her what she would think of him trying something like this. She

    We have been searching for more natural ways to handle my oldest son's anxiety, depression, and mood disorder, prescription medications have been causing way too many issues for him and we don't really see a lot of positives from them. I took this bottle into our recent appointment for him and asked her what she would think of him trying something like this. She said, it certainly wouldn't hurt, however most the ingredients in this, we probably wouldn't see anything from right away, it would probably take at least 30 days to start really seeing any improvements. So it's not something that you'd really be able to tell anything with right away. We did get the go-ahead. The only thing she was iffy about for him was the Niacin for him, but she didn't think it would cause him any issues. He just started taking this, and so it's still too soon to tell if it will be able to help him or not. That being said though, he has not had any negative reaction to taking this, and honestly if it does work, then I'll continue to buy it for him because it feels like it's a better way to handle things than just throwing prescriptions at him, and then having to treat the side effects from those medications. I did purchase this supplement at a discount for my honest review, and also because I have been trying out different brands that offer supplements like this to see how well they work. In general, after trying multiple brands of this same sort of mixture, this really does help with mood and is a great alternative to prescription mood medications. We've already learned with this sort of blended supplement that it *WILL* help with anxiety, stress, and even depression. So if you are looking for changes, then I highly suggest these sort of blends. We are trying out this one now and it seems to have the same results as the other blends as well. So switching between brands doesn't seem to cause any issues. We will surely be sticking to blends like this in the future and going with the best prices. This one is one of the nicer prices.

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    This comb has taken a front row seat. I love sandalwood combs. It is hard to find one with wide teeth and a handle. It came in a very nice gift style box. It also came with a muslin bag, but it doesn't quite fit in the bag. I have quite a few sandalwood combs in my collection. Different sizes, with different teeth gaps. This one is my new favorite. I have thick, long, wavy hair. Do you know what happens to waves when you try to brush them? The frizz out. Well knot anymore. (pun intended) With this comb I can pass it through my hair to detangle and my waves just spring right back up. The teeth are widely separated so it doesn't cause frizz. My last favorite comb had wide teeth, not as wide as this one, and no handle. That comb has taken a backseat because this one is better. The handle makes it easier to comb the hair. This comb is thick and sturdy and will probably last forever. It smells great as you brush you hair. I love Aromatic sandalwood. I definitely recommend this comb for people with thick, wavy or even curly hair.