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  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/custom-service/tmj-jaw-dysfunction/ TMJ (Jaw) Dysfunction - Corona Station Physical Therapy - Corona Station Physical Therapy has a long history of treating jaw dysfunction and has two physical therapists offering advanced TMD care. Temporomandibular joint or jaw dysfunction can present with many symptoms including headaches, neck pain, clicking, reduced mobility of the jaw and pain in the j...
  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/custom-service/physical-therapy/ Physical Therapy - Corona Station Physical Therapy - Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, helps restore movement and function by physical methods such as manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, modalities, and therapeutic exercise.
  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/custom-service/sports-rehab/ Sports Rehab - Corona Station Physical Therapy - Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite competitive athlete, we know how important sport is to your life.  Physical Therapy can promote optimal tissue healing, speed recovery and ensure a successful return to sport following an injury.
  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/custom-service/dry-needling/ Dry Needling - Corona Station Physical Therapy - Dry needling, also known as functional dry needling or FDN, is a therapeutic treatment procedure that involves multiple advances of a filament needle into the dysfunctional muscle, which typically contains a ‘trigger point’.
  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/custom-service/massage-therapy/ Massage Therapy - Corona Station Physical Therapy - Therapeutic massage can play a role in managing acute or chronic soft tissue disorders, as well as contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Massage therapy can therefore be part of the rehabilitation process or a component of self-care to address the stresses of day to day life.
  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/custom-service/acupuncture/ Acupuncture - Corona Station Physical Therapy - Acupuncture is a treatment technique that was developed thousands of years ago, and involves the insertion of fine, monofilament needles into specific acupunture points on the body.
  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/cervical-deep-neck-flexors/ The Cervical Deep Neck Flexors - Corona Station Physical Therapy - The Cervical Deep Neck Flexors A large percentage of skeletal stability is afforded by muscles.  Muscles are designed to stabilize the skeleton in mid range, functional positions and are the only system that can compensate for changes in articular integrity.
  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/stages-tissue-healing/ Stages of Tissue Healing - Corona Station Physical Therapy - Stages of Healing   One of the most common questions we hear as physical therapists is How long will it take for me to recover?  Soft tissue injuries such as ligament sprains and muscle strains follow a characteristic pattern of healing with three general phases, the inflammatory phase, the prol...
  • http://www.coronaphysio.net/what-is-manual-therapy/ What is Manual Therapy? - Corona Station Physical Therapy - This blog post describes manual therapy, including soft tissue techniques and joint mobilization and manipulation. Learn how these techniques can help with your injury or condition.
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    I saw him sing Nobody But Me on TV and it's not a rap song but a lively, fun to dance to song. Bublé is the greatest!!

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    OPI never disappoints. I use Seche vite on my nails as well to make sure they dry quickly and thoroughly. Even after applying SV on my nails this glowed bright.

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  • Discovery-Expert - Nest battery discharges without a fix to wiring.

    My 4-wire (Rh,W1,Y1,G) system did not keep the Nest (version 1) battery charged. I charged it with a USB cable to my computer several nights (at 3 am!) in a row only to have the battery voltage (read on the display or on the web site) read below 3.6 volts within a few hours. It needs to be 3.8 or more to work. Measured voltages between red and the other wires were all 27 volts (nominally 24 volts RMS within error of an inexpensive voltmeter), which should be enough. Turning the fan to always ON does not fix this problem. On the Technical Info page of the display the "Voc" value was 33.3 volts. The "oc" in the "Voc" label appears to indicate that the voltage measured is the "open circuit" voltage (a peak-to-peak voltage value), and if you divide it by 1.41 (to get the RMS voltage value) that corresponds to 24 volts, equivalent to that measured at the wires by the voltmeter. The "Vin" voltage number appears to be the voltage across the wires when the unit is connected (i.e., the "closed circuit" voltage). It should also be near 33.3 volts for a 24 volt system to drive the battery charging circuit. Nest does not provide any public document describing these parameters -- except perhaps for expert technicians. My "Vin" value consistently read between 5.7 and 4.1 volts, which is insufficient to run the battery charging circuit of the unit -- or the functions of the unit correctly. So the battery is always drained after recharging. Adding a "C" ("common") wire from the furnace control board (to each zone separately) changes the "Vin" value toward near the 30-volt (peak-to-peak) range where it should be. A Nest-recommended Heating & AC technician did this for a $229 charge for two zoned unit locations. Thus the total cost for the Nest is really approximately doubled if your wiring is incomplete and you really want the Nest device. It is bad form that Nest does not acknowledge this incompatibility of 4-wire systems (unless pressed during several of their hot-line phone calls) but instead sends you to an installation firm. The person on the first support call said that a 4-wire system was compatible. It took me five suppport calls to get a Nest person to be willing to say the word "incompatible" without a change in the wiring to the furnace control board. My consulting fee to Nest has just gone up (doubled to zero)! Other than all of the above, the learning "features" of the Nest may be of interest -- we shall see.

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    Only thing I've ever found that will control my acne if I use it daily. There's a balance to be found there, because if I use this too much it will dry out my skin to the point of being painful. So, I use it twice a day until I feel I need to back off then once a day and even every other day sometimes. If I continue to use it like I should (which I don't) I stay AcneFree. <<< So clever.... Or lame. You pick.