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  • Irina Olson - Oily,nasty stuff...

    It contains oil, a lot of oil... I didn't read ingredients and assumed it was just a dead sea powder that i used to use before and loved but this yakee mask leaves a thick coat of oil /residue on your skin after you wash the mask off and you have to use heavy duty real soap to get the oil off and it makes your skin feel nasty. Maybe it is good for extremely dry skin but for sure not for normal or oily skin. i didn't return it because i didn't have time to go somewhere to print return label. I won't use it or buy it again. I bought "Indian Healing Clay" instead.

  • victoria Turk - The pain was so bad I did not care

    I must commend the Sciatica Institute for the production of this program. I have been suffering for two months with a sciatica condition. Was going to chiropractor two times a week. He was not helping me at all. I decided to go on internet and search. Low and behold, this came up. Thank God! I never knew there were so many conditions caused by this nerve. You really need to know what you are dealing with. I was skeptical to buy these cd's at first. The pain was so bad I did not care. The best purchase ever! Within one week, I was feeling relief. Could not believe it was true. Continued the program and was extremely satisfied. I had Piraformis Syndrome. The cd's are spot on for finding your particular issue. I would recommend this program for anyone dealing with lower back pain and sciatica issues.

  • Silverclone1 - More impressive than expected!

    My Giro Aeon arrived just in time for a New York Heat wave, so my first ride truly tested what this helmet could do in 93 degree humid weather (real feel including humidity= 100 degrees on this day) for a 30-mile ride. Once unpacked, I was easy able to fit the Giro Aeon helmet to my head (follow the Giro booklet instructions if you are not sure how to fit a helmet). Walking through my house I was initially surprised to feel air channel through. This helmet is so light; I forgot I was wearing it at one point. Now, onto the test -93 degree heat: I wore a sweat blocker head band under the helmet, so most of my head was exposed under the helmet. Moving at 8-14mph I could feel the cooling power of these vents, and once I got up to 21mph I was no longer feeling the heat at all. Hitting downhill speed at 45mph and tucked, I noticed the airflow channeling effectively. I attained 5 Strava Personal Records on this ride –did the helmet help? I think it played a large part because I was not overheating at all. Some mentioned hearing a noise similar to a car approaching when air is flowing through. At high speeds I did hear this and looked back a couple of times. It is a similar sound, but once I was able to differentiate the two sounds, the airflow sound became unapparent. In mid-ride, I stopped. In this humid 93 degree weather day, my head did not feel nearly as hot as my previous helmet, and did not feel a need to take it off. This helmet is extremely light and comfortable. Style-wise, the Giro Aeon looks wonderful and adjusts well, even on the fly. Well worth the money. Ask me in six months about my New York Winter Ride results…

  • Gloria - You Definately have to see this. Super Intelligent and Fun Too!!

    Simply Awesome. intelligent take on the Legend of Hercules. Try to remember that the story of Hercules was a very very old oral tradition long before it was written. Long before there was writing. For instance, (and not to be a spoiler), part of the mythos the legend of probably a very old memory (no telling how old), of a time when the art of horse riding was not widely known. People hunted horses for food - not taming and riding. Such would be the memory of any tribe or people who first encounter-----the shocking sight of a man on a horse. It had not been seen or even envisioned by any people for a very long time.before such a meeting.

  • J. Grace Anthony - Rule to Live by

    I grew up with a few of Aesop's fables and their wise stories have remained embedded in my memory from which I draw on to make judgments on everyday situations in my life. This book contains a wider collection of such stories which should prove most useful for both children and adults. Apart from the book of "PROVERBS" in the bible, Aesop's Fables give a clear illustration of particular situations which occur in everyday life and has a greater tendency to remain fixated in your memory. This book is a literary treasure.

  • jcgeesick - Worked as advertiesed

    The mounts quickly attached to my monitor and my monitor stand. Item was shipped neatly within a secure box which kept it from sliding.

  • Brynne P. - Big Sexy Hair is a fantastic product that holds your hair

    A friend of mine turned me on to this spray. I have bought hair sprays for several years, and had never quite found the right on for me. Until this product, even the "Super-Mega Hold", or "Ultimate Hold" sprays would never quite hold my curly thick hair, and the smells were unbearable. I felt I had to use a lot of the spray to get the desired result, only to have gusts of wind ruin my look, or else the other tragedy-helmet head. Big Sexy Hair is a fantastic product that holds your hair, looks natural, and even smells good. You don't feel like you have been polluted with cancerous fumes with this product either, as a little goes a long way. Yes, the price for the spray is 5 times or more than the average sprays, but I feel it's worth it!