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  • K. Mason - So far so good!

    I am an official couch potato. I got NO exercise before this. I have joint problems so just walking or jogging was not an option for me. I also don't like the outdoors, not into sports, but am getting chubby- go figure! I got this because it's no-impact, thinking that any movement is better than what I was doing.

  • Eric Sewell - The Elements of Style is a CLASSIC

    I originally purchased this small softback back in 200o while doing my undergraduate work at George Mason University. I recently repurchased it in eBook format for my Kindle. It is priceless in its brevity, simplicity and timelessness. Where it conflicts with the APA I err on the side of Professor Strunk and always will. Political correctness will soon be dead and buried but this little tome will stil be relevant and in another edition. Eric - Strayer University, MBA Finance 2014

  • sweetcheeks petersen - Another good book for us. Hurry with the second half.

    I've waited so long for this book and it was well worth the wait Chrissy I want to let you know that any book you drop just gets better and better. I love the fact we still keeping up with our old characters Elite, Montana, Money & Legend. This just makes me Anna know when is the next part due. Congrats this was definitely a great read. Keep up the excellent work boo.

  • Jeff Funnell - well worth it

    Has everything anyone would need to know about windows server 2012 and then some thrown in for good measure. Well worth the money

  • Justin - It only works when you also do real exercises

    When you combine this with weight training, such as crunch and plank, it works better than only doing weight trainings. But if you don't do any real exercise, this won't work. The reason is that electric stimulation does not promote neural recruitments like exercising does, so it won't build your strength unless you workout.

  • Nancy Moore - A relatively honest but brief telling

    This book is amazing in its coverage. It seems a good description of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz but with so much "life" between the two of them and all they accomplished, the author could only hit the high (and low) spots. The obvious conclusion is Lucy and Desi profoundly and deeply loved each other and kept those feelings until death. I gave the book only four stars - not because of the story but the editing which was atrocious! All in all, recommended if you can ignore the writing flaws.