Software Cloud para Centros Médicos Clinicalges - Software con cloud de pago por uso para centros médicos desde 35€ al mes

  • Historias clínicas - Clinicalges - Software gestión de clínicas - Software para gestión de historias clínicas. Detallado seguimiento de todo el historial clínico de pacientes, episodios, informes, partes, sesiones y actos
  • Precios - Clinicalges - Software gestión de clínicas - Consulte los precios de las diferentes opciones para adquirir su software: versión online de pago por cuota mensual, o en su propio servidor con único pago
  • Contacto - Clinicalges - Software gestión de clínicas - Póngase en contacto con nosotros para solicitar información acerca de Clinicalges, un software para gestión de clínicas, o bien para solicitar una demo
  • Especialidades médicas en la web Clinicalges - Clinicalges es el software para la gestión integral de consultas médicas y policlínicas privadas. Cubre las necesidades específicas de cada especialidad médica.

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  • Byron Curry - The most durable messenger bag, ever!

    I purchased this bag not having ever heard of the company timbuk2 and I was kind of leary just because I carry a lot of stuff in my messenger bags; books upon books, pens, multiple cell phones, chargers, a tablet, papers and occasionally water bottles. I've gone through many messenger bags and this is he finest one I've purchased and possibly the last!

  • S.W. - Overwhelmingly Meh.

    I did the cleanse and lost some weight, much of which was gained back when I started eating regularly. Here are my thoughts:

  • Carla Fister - Singer is like Sony

    I say that because both are trusted brands that I've used repeatedly and they've never let me down. This is not a fancy, 'do everything' machine but it does exactly what I need it to do. Even though the outer case is plastic and it, thankfully doesn't weigh as much as the old machines, it still has a good sturdiness to it since the insides are all metal.



  • BaggyHaggy - Another winner!

    I love my Kipling bags -- and this one in particular. Holds a lot, yet very light to carry, with a removable shoulder strap...a great addition to anyone's handbag collection! And -- what I really love about Kipling (besides the monkey)...bag gets dirty, just toss it into the washer! Buy this bag!!!

  • Brenda Capelle - All Stars better than Ringo

    Great concert, but I liked the all stars a lot better than I liked Ringo and I am a huge Beatles fan. He just sounded a little off. Everyone else was great. Loved the Santana and Toto stuff.

  • L4nner - Well built, I really enjoy the ability to adjust granule size and one handed operation

    I would not particularly call this a "unique pepper/salt Mill". What I would call it is a good pepper grinder and salt mill. It is nice looking in just matte black with a small clear viewing area at the bottom. The squeezer seems well constructed and strong, so unlikely to be prone to break. Grinding is very easy with this and can be achieved with just one hand which is very nice and convenient for the end user. I really like the ability to adjust the granule size, sometimes I want bigger granules for soups, steaks etc and other times I want something that is more controllable for a salad or fish. I think the ability to adjust the size is definitely a selling point of the product. I also just like the overall convenience of being able to use this one handed. Most other salt and pepper grinders I have used required two hands, and although that works just fine, its nice to be able to use just one hand especially while making food. You can keep stirring while adding more salt and pepper until you have the perfect flavor.