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  • Clarkston MI Primary Care Doctor | Clarkston Medical - Our skilled family doctors can meet the healthcare needs of your entire family. Let CMG be your Clarkston MI primary care physician.
  • Advanced Allergy & Asthma | Clarkston Medical Group MI - Advanced Allergy & Asthma is a full scope allergy, asthma and immunology service for children and adults. Located in the Clarkston Medical Building.
  • MDVIP Wellness Program | Concierge Medicine in Clarkston - Experience the benefits of the MDVIP program. 24/7 doctor availability, convenient same-day appointments and personal coordination of care with specialists.
  • Meet the Doctors - Clarkston Medical Group - Our Board-Certified doctors are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare. They are proud to be part of a 50 year tradition serving Clarkston.
  • Financial and Insurance - Clarkston Medical Group - We are committed to providing affordable medical care for every family. We accept most major health insurance plans.
  • Prescription Refill | Allergy & Asthma Doctor Clarkston MI - Prescriptions can be refilled at the on-site pharmacy. Ask your doctor about MHP Pharmacy which delivers prescriptions directly to your home or work.
  • Our Location | Clarkston Medical Group - 5701 Bow Pointe Dr. #100, Clarkston, MI 48346. Call 218-625-2621. Conveniently located in the Clarkston Medical Building.
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey - Clarkston Medical Group - We value every patient and strive for 100% patient satisfaction. You feedback is appreciated.
  • Concierge Medicine in Clarkston MI | CMG - A PCMH creates a place for all your health needs. We coordinate your care, providing an internal medicine practice in Clarkston MI for total healthcare.
  • Extended Hours - Clarkston Medical Group - Oakland County's only 24 hour Urgent Care. Open everyday including weekends and holidays to treat your urgent medical needs. No appointment necessary.
  • Current News - Clarkston Medical Group - The Radiology Center of Michigan is Clarkston's most advanced imaging facility with state-of-the-art equipment, board-certified specialists & flexible hours.
  • Contact Us - Clarkston Medical Group - Call 248-625-2621. Conveniently located in the Clarkston Medical Building, 5701 Bow Pointe Dr. #100, Clarkston, MI 48346.

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