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  • About Cipla South Africa - Generic Medicines - Cipla is one of the largest generic manufacturers in Asia, with research, development and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

    Country:, Africa, ZA

    City: 24 , South Africa

  • Honestly Amazon - Nothing special

    Purchased for our basement that seemed damp. We have a dehumidifier but it never seemed to keep up. This thing only lasted a month or so and then we tossed it. We really did not see a difference in the dampness in the basement. I would just invest in a good dehumidifier.

  • Chiquita - Too difficult to tighten

    I wanted to love this car seat. I did a lot of research before choosing this one and it seemed perfect for us. My daughter loves to sleep in the car, so the cushiness was just an added a bonus. It was also pretty simple to install (though originally sent ready for forward facing, which I thought was odd).

  • Ashley Baugh - Lavender is probably my favorite essential oil

    Lavender is probably my favorite essential oil! I use it in so many things! This lavender comes with a glass dropper, which is always nice as I've gotten quite a few different brands that don't come with them. This lavender smells heavenly. It's a nice soft scent.

  • Oc_Teri - Awesome service

    Love this stuff. Tried a trial package and liked it. So trying the entire plan. Looking forward to the new me.

  • LT040810 - A Registry MUST have

    A MUST for those newborn days where Mama needs to get out for a walk and baby can sleep anywhere. I cannot tell you how many MILES I walked the first three months using this product. EVERY mom should have this on her registry if wanting a BOB. The price was EXCELLENT for the product and how much we have used it. We continue to at 5.5 months.

  • Arynkat - NCLEX

    I hope this helps to determine the correct responses. This book discusses how to identify the incorrect multiple choice questions on nclex style exams.

  • TKAM - Taken Advantage

    I am very frustrated with Intuit/Quickbooks. I have been running Quickbooks for my business for 10 years. I recently switched to run everything on my Mac. So I purchased Quickbooks Mac 2010 in September of 2010. While there were difference, I have not minded this platform and have adjusted quite well. I received notice from Quicken that is I was using anything other than Essentials, that it would not be supported while running on OSX Lion. So I took it upon myself to contact Quickbooks to see if this would be the case for Quickbooks Mac 2010. I was told (2 weeks ago) that there were no known issues, but it was being tested. So, on Wednesday of last week, I purchased OSX Lion for my Mac. Most of my programs have run without issue, however, this is not the case with Quickbooks Mac 2010. While in a customer file, I discovered that I was unable to print, or to save as a pdf to email. I "chatted" with a Quickbooks person who sent me a link with the "known" issues, two of them being printing and pdfing. I cannot work with the decreased functionality, so I am forced to have to purchase Quickbooks Mac 2011. I have looked into other accounting software, but knowing nothing of them, I am pigeon-holed, as I have no idea if my Quickbooks file will transfer to another software/program. If I could find another program that would take my current files and data, I would get rid of Quickbooks altogether. I am not at all happy, and feel screwed over by Quickbooks, but in the end, they still win, because I will buy the lesser product to preserve my books.