The Clinical Experience - Powered By -CID Management - CID Management now offers URAC-accredited utilization review (UR) services to include an enterprise level as well as a per-incident clinical management suite of services: Welcome to The Clinical Experience Powered By CID Management.

  • The Clinical Experience - Per-incident and Enterprise Level Clinical Management Suite of Services - CID ManagementCID Management - Enterprise level and a per-incident clinical management suite of services: URAC-accredited utilization review (UR) services: The Clinical Experience Powered By CID Management.
  • Utilization Management - The Clinical Experience - CID ManagementCID Management - URAC-accredited utilization management, utilization review, peer review and peer-to-peer physician case management to workers’ compensation payors.
  • Clinical Help Desk - The Clinical Experience - CID ManagementCID Management - The Clinical Help Desk deals with simple questions and answers, such as definitions of terms or how to apply regulations in a certain jurisdiction.
  • Physician Conversations - The Clinical Experience - CID ManagementCID Management - Physician Conversations address the impasse reached when a treating physician asks for something outside of medical guidelines and will not consider suggestions from a nurse case manager or adjuster.
  • Whitepapers - CID ManagementCID Management - CID Management is the industry leader in Utilization Review and Utilization Management: providing “best practices” and pertinent information to bring about successful resolutions and positive outcomes.
  • About Comprehensive Industrial Disability Management Management -CID Management - CID Management's complete strategy manages our client’s workers’ compensation objectives by providing best practice resolutions and positive outcomes.
  • Careers -CID Management - CID is looking for clinicians interested in turning their valuable knowledge into extra money as Clinical Reviewers. Work anytime, day or night.
  • Contact Us - We Want to Hear From You! - CID ManagementCID Management - Contact CID Management: We would love to hear from you. Send us an email or give CID Management a call.
  • Grievance Process -CID Management - The CID Management grievance process addresses all formal complaints regarding non-clinical and non-determination-related CID processes or services.
  • Leadership - CID ManagmentCID Management - CID Management is led by a talented team of visionary executives whose exceptional combined track record includes building businesses, acquiring and integrating new technologies, and finding innovative ways to help customers' transform their comprehensive industrial disability management.
  • Privacy Policy - CID ManagementCID Management - This Privacy Policy ensures website visitors and customers of CID's commitment to fair information practices and the protection of privacy.
  • UR AD Policy - URAC Accredited - CID ManagementCID Management - Our UR AD Policy is provided here as required by CID Management's URAC Accreditation.
  • URAC - URAC Accredited - CID ManagementCID Management - CID Management is a URAC Accredited company ensuring that reviews are completed with the highest quality. By creating a QAQC program, CID Management monitors processes, provide feedback to the employees and vendors in order to ensure a continued improvement in its utilization management operations.

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