Enhance immunity, antioxidants, support cancer treatment | Chaganela.cz - Chaganela - Siberian chaga extract. Normalizes cholesterol, blood pressure. It contains antioxidants, prevents aging, cancer, psoriasis and congestion.

  • http://www.chaganela.eu/objednavky Objednávky produktů – e-shop | Chaganela.cz - Udělejte něco pro své zdraví i vy a vyberte si produkt ze Sibiřské čagy. Záleží jen na vás, jestli dáte přednost extraktu, čaji nebo třeba kapslím!Jakou podobu Sibiřské čagy si vyberete?

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  • J. Prescott - Great Book For Any Occasion!

    Great Book! If you like all of the little snippets of history thrown into little 1-2 page synopsis, then this is the book for you! Lewis's work is well-researched and always interesting! Highly recommended for lovers of history! Some of the topics he explores seem completely random, but they all tie in in some way or another.

  • Linzlee - Great product & insurance covers it!

    I reserved the last star because of the price. My husband and I make great money (not WIC qualified) but cannot afford to spend $320+ on formula a month for our 14 week old. Our story: baby had to be supplemented with similac regular formula from week 2 because I was not producing how much he wanted to eat and still can't (he wanted about 3oz in the first week each feeding and after 7weeks old wanted around 6 oz). Over the next few weeks, baby was having bloody diapers with forest green poo and mucus. Our pediatrician diagnosed him with a milk allergy and told us to stop breastfeeding and go solely Alimentum. This was a shock and I'll admit I only took part of her advice - I went on a dairy free diet and supplemented my EBM with the Alimentum around 7 weeks old. He is now 14 weeks old, a growing by in the 98th percentile height and 50th percentile weight (his parents are over 6 foot) and he is so different now! No bloody poo and back to greenish yellow, very rarely fussy, does not spit up as much during and after feedings, doesn't arch his back in pain, sleeps through the night, and is just overall a very happy baby! Happiness and health should always be priority. Also, just recently found out my BCBS PPO insurance plan covers Alimentum under my prescription benefits and we only have to pay a 45% copay - even better!

  • Michelle Savoy - Doh! Parent fail, child win!

    Ok, I failed the test apparently. I saw that you can't buy it right now, so I added it to my wishlist so I could be informed when it DOES become available. It COMPLETELY ERASED MY WISHLIST! And when my son heard me wailing, he came to see what was wrong and said "but MOM, the guy is pointing at your LEFT hand, and you used your RIGHT hand to add it to your list. Ohhh, he's RIGHT! I tried again, using my left hand, and lo and behold, my wishlist has not only been restored, but MY EVERY WISH has been granted! There was a knock at the door, I swear, just 30 seconds later, and when I opened the door, the porch was filled with packages from Amazon! Whoo hoo! IT really does work!

  • Pennsylvania Fisherman - Microsoft fixed a product that wasn't broken.

    I've been a happy user of MS Office since my transition from Perfect Office in 1997, versions 95 thru 2003. The user-friendly menu-driven user interface. built-in hotkeys, and logical grouping of functions allow great efficiency and flexibility

  • Josh Rodriguez - It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the ...

    This is a hitters ball for sure. It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the average rec ball but once you get use to it there is no other ball like this out there.

  • Eva Graham - It feels like I'm walking bare foot

    Went by previous reviews, so I ordered a 1/2 size larger. A cute shoe, but I'm not excited by cushioning. It feels like I'm walking bare foot, not very comfortable. Seriously, Asics, you could have designed this better.

  • Wrangler11 - I'm happy I bought it.

    Works great. It's a lot more handy to have around than I thought it would be. When I travel for work, I leave my Jeep at the office. If I need someone to move it, or if I need to let someone use it, I can just give them the code. It's built well and really does seem to be very secure.