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  • Trowedesiguys - Good, but not perfect

    This thermometer is a good buy. Showed the temperature pretty accurately. In terms of consistency, I would rate it 3.5/5, as there were inconsistencies on consecutive tests. However, I like the fact that was easy and quick to handle, especially with a cranky kid.

  • Amazon Customer - Super Cool and Usefull

    This Foldable Solar Panel is really unique and such a great device. It is a portable environmentally friendly source of power. The device has two USB ports, one 2A and one 1A max output port. No issues with pairing this with a iPhone, Samsung Tab or portable battery pack. Perfectly designed for outdoor use – water and weather resistant nylon casing.

  • Monica Lane - Better than Wen, but you must follow the directions!

    If you just slap this in and rinse, you will not get the effect you are looking for. Hair might still look oily and heavy if the process isn't followed. I have really oily hair and a busy schedule. When I tried to take shortcuts in the shower my hair was not light and fluffy. When I do follow the directions it was soft and light and very very clean. I would recommend the one liter bottle because you can burn through it fast with long hair, however, don't forget you are replacing shampoo AND conditioner, so factor that in to your cost analysis. I see me using this for years to come.

  • Michelle Edwards - Good version for kids!

    We really like this version but the reason for the four star was because there aren't many songs to buy in the online store of the xbox game. Other than that it has a good variety of music and fun dance moves. Most of the songs are appropriate for my kids too. (9 & 10)

  • Lyn S. - Essentials are The Greatest !!

    Having been using the Essentials for many years. They are the greatest vitamin/mineral supplements!! I used to have

  • J. Whitlock - ... this cleanse and each one of my friends had great success. One friend has lost 23 pounds in ...

    I watched 3 of my friends do this cleanse and each one of my friends had great success. One friend has lost 23 pounds in one month on Purium and the other two friends have lost around 14 pounds. They look and feel amazing. This is a lifestyle change. I just received my 10 day transformation in the mail and I can't wait to start it on Tuesday. Awesome product. I am not a distributor.