Medical College Management Software | Campus Medicine - Campus Medicine, medical college management software dedicated for better administration and management of the campuses. This medical college software ensure to deliver solutions for higher qualities of education in medical institutes

  • Products | Medical College Software | Campus Medicine - Product overview of campus medicine software. Need for the medical college software in medical campuses. Merits of having the software and its affect after implementing in medical college
  • Services | Medical College Management Software | Campus Medicine - Services provided by campus medicine software are Implementation, customization, integration and maintenance of it. Campus Medicine also offers training, hand- holding and recruitment for maintaining college software in your institute.
  • Partner | Medical College Software | Campus Medicine - Campus Medicine invites the medical college to become partner with us. Partner says that: Through the implementation of the software reduces the overall operating cost of campus with better utilization of resources.
  • Value RFP | Campus Medicine - Request the information details for the active use of the products. You can get the quotation via online.
  • Contact | Medical College Management Software | Campus Medicinee - Contact for Campus Medicine- medical college management system for E-enabling your medical campuses.
  • Admission Management – Student Information System – Management Software - Admission Management Software is one of the module in Campus Medicine. This covers the complete student information system like Permanent Address, details of parents, details of local guardian, Course selection details, Qualification details, Marks obtained etc.
  • Fees Management - Promotion Management – Hospital Management Software - Fees Management software is one of the module in Campus Medicine. This covers the complete information of the fees management like Setting Fee Master, Setting up Seat Master, Fee Categories, Scholarship Master, Fees Collection, One time/ Installments Payment, Concessions, Hostel Fees, Transport Fees etc
  • Hostel Management Software – Hostel Management System – Fees Management - Hostel Management software is one of the module in Campus Medicine. This covers the complete information of Hostel Attendance Report Facility, provision to maintain Disciplinary Logs, Mess Management, Daily Attendance, Alerts Notices & Reports and Category based rooms/bed allocation Check in/Checkout.
  • Transport Management Software – Transport Management System - Transport Management Software is one of the module in Campus Medicine. This covers the complete information of Route Management, Distance/Area based fees set up, Bus Schedules/ Timetables, Fees Collection, User Lists and Reports, Vehicle Management, Driver Information, Vehicle Allocation.
  • University college - university automation - university management system - University/College/Department Setup Module of Campus Medicine is prepared especially for College administration. This institute management system helps the stakeholders to monitor the details of the University and institute set up.
  • Designation Hierarchy Management Software - Designation Hierarchy plays a major role in organizations and industries. Campus medicine provides you the best Designation Hierarchy Management Software according your requirements. For more info visit campus medicine
  • Classroom & Student groups Management - Attendance Automation System - Student Attendance Management is a very important module of campus medicine software. The student attendance report is the most important part in the Student Attendance Management software. The attendance is taken, using a network based biometric/RFID interface, in this system.
  • Master / Departmental Time Table Management – Campus Medicine - Campus medicine provides campus management system software and it is useful for all your future online management databases. For further information please visit our website
  • Employee Information Record System Software – Employee Database Management Software - The Employee Information Record System is an innovative and robust module in campus medicine.

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