Revista Cães & Gatos | Conhecimento e Atualidade em Medicina Veterinária - A revista Cães&Gatos é uma publicação mensal que tem como objetivo levar mais conhecimento e informações atualizadas do setor para médicos veterinários e estudantes de medicina veterinária que se dedicam a área de pequenos animais.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Alfred R. - Finger licking gooooooooooood!

    The seasoning that this creole butter adds tot he turkey combined with the Cajun Rub makes frying a turkey a finger licking wonderful experience!

  • Jon Freeman - Blown away

    This album is so different and perhaps completely unexpected but is simply amazing. Many of the tracks had me singing along and dancing my a** off (A-Yo, Diamond Heart). The slower songs are just beautiful (Angel Down, Joanne). Gaga has created a work of brilliance in a new direction. She's a true artist.

  • Michael Wolfanger - Saved me from a bad decision.

    My fiancee said the money I spent on this TV was supposed to be for our wedding and to either take it back or she's leaving. The TV would never make me choose, so the choice practically made itself. Samsung saved me from what surely would have been a loveless marriage to a bitter, selfish wench.