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  • BPA: Best Deal on Electronic Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners - Air purifier deals and incentives including; free vacations, free shipping, discounts, interest free financing and payment plans. Get access to reports on how to get your health insurance company to pay for your air cleaner or how to get the government to reimburse you for all or part of your air purifier.
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  • Oil Mist Collectors and Eliminators - Coolant Mist Collector and Eliminator Comparisons - BPA Air Quality Solutions compares mist collectors that filter machine oil and coolant mist. Oil mist collector and eliminator manufacturers are compared and reviewed.
  • Dust Collectors - Dust Collector and Collection System Reviews and Comparisons - Dust collection systems - a dust collector can help eliminate noxious particles from any work environment. Our specially trained staff can design a dust collection system specific for your jobsite.
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  • Particle Counters - Handheld, Portable and Cleanroom Laser Particle Counter Monitors Available - Largest internet selection of airborne particle counters and handheld laser particle counters. Doctor tests, rates and reviews for various remote and cleanroom particle counter monitors.
  • Fume Extractors: Welding and Soldering: Fume Extraction - - A wide range of welding and soldering fume extractors and fume extraction systems for wet and dry industrial welding applications. Portable and mobile welding fume extactors as well as overhead source capture fume extraction systems.
  • Dehumidifier: home | commercial | industrial | portable | basement | whole house dehumidifiers - indoor humidity control - Browse small, portable, basement and whole house dehumidifiers; read information on choosing a home, commercial or industrial dehumidifier for indoor relative humidity control using refrigerant dehumidifiers.
  • Trion SE 800E: Commercial Air Purifier & SmokeEater - - The Trion SE 800E commercial air purifier and electrostatic smoke eater was engineered to clean the air of tobacco smoke, mold spores, dust and other airborne particulates in an area up to 900 square feet. The Trion SE800E commercial air cleaner and smoke eater features an 800 cfm fan and uses the same sophisticated air cleaning technology that is present in the entire US Navy submarine fleet.
  • Lighthouse 3016: Handheld Laser Particle Counter - The Lighthouse handheld 3016 laser particle counter offers six channels of simultaneous particle counting with 0.3 µm - 10.0 µm sensitivity.
  • Gas Monitoring Equipment: Gas Detectors and Gas Monitors - We find and offer the best gas detectors on the market for intrinsicly safe toxic, combustible and oxygen gas detection, providing OSHA compliance for confined space entry, leak detection, facility monitoring, lower explosive limit detection using personal protective equipment as well as fixed gas sampling instruments and gas monitoring equipment.
  • MistBuster 500: Coolant Mist Collector & Oil Smoke Eliminator - - The Mist Buster 500 is the highest rated industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) oil smoke and coolant mist collector available. The MistBuster 500 mist eliminator requires virtually no maintenance or cleaning, has no costly filters to repalce and has an industry leading 21 day FREE trial program.
  • Crowcon: Tetra Personal Multigas Monitor - Crowcon Tetra is a ruggedized portable gas detector that can monitor oxygen, toxic and flammable gases simultaneously with simple one button operation.

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  • mimin - Good

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  • T. J. Stewart - Works!

    After getting estimates upwards of $700 to have our roof professionally cleaned (but risk my extensive gardens) I decided to try this product. I originally (accidentally) ordered the house and deck cleaner, and amazon quickly exchanged it without even charging me.

  • Paulette Mann - Future CCA Test Taker

    Currently studying the book and so far it seems like it will be very helpful with my CCA exam. Easy to read and understand.

  • Baseball Fan - Perfect for a Small Batting Cage

    This is a great machine. The battery lasts surprisingly long. We have never had to plug it in. It works well in our garage batting cage since we don't have enough room for a regular pitching machine. Here it is in action:

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