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  • Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer - Unfortunately, there is no sure fire, one hundred percent guaranteed way to prevent breast cancer. However, there are some lifestyle practices that women can follow to potentially help reduce her risk of developing breast cancer. These lifestyle modifications include:Limit Alcoholic DrinksAccording to the American Cancer Society, women who
  • Breast Cancer Surgery: What to Ask First - When surgery becomes part of your breast cancer treatment, which is common, it's important that you know what to expect. Here are some key questions you can ask your physician and surgeon before you enter the operating theater.Once your physician has decided on surgery and you're scheduled to go into a consultation with your surgeon, it's
  • Computers May Now Be Able to Reduce False Positive Mammogram Results - Researchers are using artificial intelligence to create an automated system for screening suspicious mammograms for breast cancer risk. The software can translate a chart into a risk assessment at 30 times the speed of a human with 99 percent accuracy, its developers claim.The research team, led by Stephen T. Wong, PhD, and chair of the
  • Shannen Doherty Settles Lawsuit Over Health Insurance - Shannen Doherty, best known for her role in Beverly Hills 90210 in the 1990s, has settled her lawsuit against her ex-managers over their alleged failure to secure her health insurance. Doherty claimed that their failure to pay her insurance premiums per her contract resulted in her not having coverage during the time that her breast cancer could

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  • Rich R. - It Works

    Check engine light was diagnosed as a bad catalytic converter. After driving approximately 50 miles with Mr gasket cataclean the check engine light went out. 2 months later the light is still out and the car runs great.

  • Tom C - Obri Significantly improved my Wi-Fi speed and coverage in my 2-story 2800 sq. ft. home

    I have always had coverage issues in my house, a 2-story center hall colonial with a full basement. I had dead spots and spots where coverage was very weak. My latest setup I’ve had for about 2-3 years was a ASUS RT-N66R with a Neatgear AC1200 range extender. I was on the verge of looking into powerline networking when I came across a CNet article on Orbi.

  • Lorraine E. Jensen - Two thumbs up!

    It took me just 30 minutes to make my will using Willmaker 2010. I showed to my brother-in-law, the fancy lawyer (OK, he's also a nice guy) and he gave it two thumbs up. And, oh by the way Willmaker is about half the price of "Legal Zoom". And I get Nolo's famous reliability.

  • daniel a garces - easy to use

    ive had this for awhile now and still working good i use this everyday for my cup of coffee i drink in the morning i recommend for anyone who just needs a quick cup of coffee in the morning.

  • R. Lukes - This truly sealed my oil leak in 24 hours

    Works great, just as described. It stopped my leak within 24 hours. I suspect that those who say that it does not work waited too long to try it. In my case my leak was around 6 or 8 drops on my garage floor a day for several months before I used it. If you are leaking a quart of oil a month then who knows but you may be too late for it. No damage to the engine as the cars runs as well as ever.

  • sarah o. - don't waste your money

    Honestly, don't waste your money. Just study, read every question carefully, and try not stressing. I probably read 2 pages, and never opened it ever again.

  • zaps40 - A LET DOWN

    "WARNING" the Steam Machine will not let you play any WINDOW GAMES ,NONE!! like ARMA 2,Space engineers you need a windows Launcher ,this is not on the Steam Machine, it is on Alien Alpha