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  • William Shook - Equall amounts?

    I did not see the results promised and you are suppose to use equal amounts from each tube but the tubes do not contain equal amounts so you will run out of the accelerator first.

  • Paul G - Hasn't been effective for me, doubts over scientific validity of formulation

    I really like this cream... as a moisturizer. It has a very pleasant consistency and scent - clearly a lot of work has been put into the formulation. With that said, it does not appear to work on scarring to any degree that is noticeable enough after 14 days of continuous, regular use. I've tried to be as scientific as I can with the testing as is possible when your cohort size = 1, designating scars from different causes (trauma, insect bites etc) as under test and including another as a control to which no cream would be applied. Unfortunately, I can't really say there's any clear sign of improvement and so the efficacy of this cream is suspect.

  • Jayden McCoy - About as good as I thought

    It performed about as well as I had expected it to not the greatest thing ever but it does the job. My only complaint is that you have to pay a bit more attention while i was applying and removing than i would have liked to cause if you don't do it right its gonna leave a few burns. I used it to remove the hair on my chest and it left a little burned cause it took to long for me to get to my chest and i got some on my nipples which left them quite tender soooo that area should probably be avoided hurp derp

  • R. Glenn - I love this bag!

    I reviewed Timbuk2 messenger bags like crazy trying to find what would best fit me. I already owned the Freestyle and it was a bit too small to put all my work stuff in. The Freestyle is great for an iPad, Kindle, netbook, and has a good amount of room for more stuff for running around town. THIS Classic messenger bag is perfect! It can hold my 14" laptop. I did not buy it as a laptop bag, but I do carry my iPad in it all the time. It also holds my Kindle Fire as well. It holds "peechee" size folders for my paperwork and a bunch of other stuff! It has plenty of pockets to place things. I went to REI to compare my Small Classic messenger to the Medium one because my small one will not hold an insulated lunch bag. Only a paper bag lunch. The Medium Classic messenger was huge. It is twice as deep, but I do not need that much room. The Small is perfect and will fit under the airplane seat wonderfully. This Rev Red color is great for those folks who love the color red! I am very happy to have another Timbuk2 bag! These bags are durable and last!

  • cecelia maenza - Waste of a lot of money

    We applied this product to a well-cleaned, not very old, deck as prescribed last summer (9 months ago). It was beautiful, I was so pleased with the outcome. Now, most every part of the deck is peeling off. Lowes reports that there is no guarantee on the product, no money returned. Very expensive, ugly mess!