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  • ReviewedwithLOVE - Seems to be working.

    I purchased these for my little bother since he is balding at twenty three. He is super self conscious about it and almost to the point of shaving his head completely bald. I had the opportunity to get these at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion so I figured why the hell not. He has been using them for almost two weeks now and he is SO much happier already. He says they do not make him feel weird in any way AND his hair is already starting to thicken up a bit. He is buying another bottle to keep the good luck going and hes going to hold off on shaving his head. I love seeing him so much happier and more confident so thankyou for the amazing product!

  • melonie - Well worth the money!

    These are great for protecting the interior of a car. They really hold water well and protect the carpet from getting wet Recommend them for light interiors especially

  • Rory - Had promise, but failed to deliver

    This book had promise, it could have been great, but the storyline wasn't well executed. The characters were underdeveloped, and although the sex scenes were steamy at first, once the BDSM aspect is revealed much like everything else wrong with this book--it failed to deliver by having a vanilla BDSM-ish scene play out between the principal characters that is laughable.

  • Besha patch - Wrong price. ripoff

    you guys are wasting your money buying this "Fit Tea" on amazon for starters it does not cost $55 the cost for the 14 day is $25 and the 28 day is $45. go on the original website its this is the way to go and you will be saving as well.. hope this was helpful.

  • Kvo Clai - Do it, don't think about it.

    Honestly I can't believe how good this looks. I read a review that said it looks like a garage floor. I think it looks at least as good or possibly even better than laminate. I do have a couple of recommendations. If you have the ability to remove your sink, do it. Spend a lot of time prepping, taping, and sanding. It will pay off in the end. At the end of the day I am happy with my kitchen's appearance, and I would recommend this to anyone that is even half considering it.

  • Kiersten - Melt Your Heart Faster Than Gelato on a Hot Summer Day

    This book is will melt your heart faster than Gelato on a hot summer day! Georgie and Gianluca share a sweet and wonderful love story in this tale of love, loss and finding yourself.