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  • Kindle Customer - Brave and revealing book - a must read for every socially conscious South African

    Absolutely riveting read. Two very brave men who decided to do the right thing and tell the public what really happened at the South African Revenue Service. This story is less about state capture and more about a coup d'etat that was executed with military precision of that part of government expected to collect revenue to fund the country. 55 senior managers left in the wake of this horrifying sequence of events and it happened right under the noses of the public and civil society. It's shocking what these dedicated civil servants had to endure and will continue to go through as events unfold. The media and particularly the Sunday Times newspaper would do well to do a little bit more than just retract and apologise for their blatantly false news reporting. They had the world believe that these dedicated officials had spied on the president, spent hundreds of millions in secret funds and ran a brothel, only to retract these stories two years later. The journalists involved should be ashamed of themselves. They should hang their heads in shame. They were either terribly naive and inexperienced or active players in a clearly orchestrated sham to dismantle what was once a crown jewel of the South African government. Only time and history will ultimately tell the damage caused to the country. This book is a must read for all South African who care for their country. Well done to the authors and thank you for being so brave in telling this story. Hopefully in time, the motives of the law enforcement officials, spies, double agents, informants and crooks behind the scenes will be further exposed. The harm caused to a once great institution will no doubt in time be felt by all South Africans. None of us must ever say we didn't know. We knew. And we did nothing to help these dedicated men and women. The investigative capacity of the revenue service has been decimated for the most obvious of reasons. What is most telling is that the book describes in detail, multiple crimes committed, names those who were involved, and in some cases even where not named they are easy to identify - yet none of the South African law enforcement agencies seem to have lifted a finger to deal with these. This in itself tells a story. Quite clearly the once proud unit uncovered too much and threatened too many powerful people. Their success became the reason for their downfall. The read is easy and for the sleuths out there, you will find quite a few very valuable leads when reading between the lines. These guys were onto some pretty big matters. No wonder they were so brutally shut down and had to be discredited. Well written, a brave book and recommend to all.

  • GT Man - NON-Transferable License

    Microsoft's new policy forbidding the transfer of the license to a replacement pc is unacceptable and makes this software a non starter. Why should I need to buy a new license if my computer dies and needs replacement or my laptop gets stolen? I was able to find a 2010 license instead. If you don't need word for any special reason get LibreOffice for free.