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  • T. Kelly - Worked like a charm!

    This took to headlights of a 2000 Toyota - that is parked outside nearly 100% of the time - from oxidized to clear. As others have said, watch the video to get familiar the sequence of steps, although the instructions included in the kit are very clear and not complicated.

  • Fred Hoffman - Was a necessary upgrade

    A good update to the older Words, Once I learned the ribbon menu system I like it. One 'problem', when I click on an older .doc file, it does not recognize it. At that point you have to load a .docx file and then open the "search system" and then load the old .doc file, and then save it in the .docx format.

  • Gimena - This dictionary has amazing simple definitions that do not have difficult words

    This dictionary has amazing simple definitions that do not have difficult words. It also contains the derivation of the words. Love it

  • Colleen Cooper - Your guests will never know!

    For a vegan, soy free, GMO free, gluten free product???? It is amazing, and there is no other that I have yet discovered. I just bought the mozzarella blend and made vegan artichoke and spinach dip with it, and my guests could not tell the difference! I have used it on pizza, and for lasagna, and it worked really well. My next challenge is breakfast burritos to see if my family can taste a difference. I am betting they won't. As someone who enjoys real cheese and dairy, this is pretty darn close to the real thing.

  • Christopher Pendergraft - Good book, helped a lot.

    One of the earlier posters complained of all the reviewers having only one review. Well, I'm one of those "one-reviewers," simply because I've been too lazy in the past to post a review about... well, anything. Anyway, just wanted to let you know - this isn't a shill review or anything of the sort. I just felt compelled to report on my experience with the GRE and the Princeton Review book.

  • Ramona - don't buy this product

    I didn't have some of the problems listed here by others, but under the best of circumstances this is product more than a rip off.