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  • mandopickr - A great metal detector for new hobbyists, or those wanting to upgrade from intro detectors.

    White's Coinmaster GT is a affordable metal detector with mid-level features. It has features that make it an easy detector to use for those new to metal detecting, as well as those that are looking to step up from entry level detector. It offers straight-forward operation for those that don't understand or want to deal with issues such as ground balance, sensitivity, and notch discrimination of a multitude of numbers. The GT has automatic ground tracking for ground balance, sensitivity has a default level, and there are 9 areas of discrimination.

  • jackie - a great set for a great look!

    I am not a make up artist and someone who is just starting to learn about the benefits of good contouring and high-lighting, so I am used to brushes from Ulta or Sephora and these are really nice in comparison to anything I've owned from those stores. These are seriously some of the softest brush sets I've ever used in my entire life. The set is great and is functional for all your contouring, shading, blending make-up needs. What I really like about them is the handle is lightweight and easy to hold onto. The bristles are soft, full, and plush, so no poking or odd out of place bristles to be difficult for you when applying make up. They didn't shed at all when I was using them for my foundation, powder and eye make up and I had a lot of control over my application because the bristles are soft and tight. There are letters on the brushes that designate E (eyes) or F (face). The handles are nice and long for working on my eyes and the face brushes have a little thicker handles which gives me more comfort in covering more surface area. Overall, I'm really pleased with these. I played around with each of the eye brushes and did a dramatic eye with them and feel like I had a lot of control and precision with my look. I'm still playing with contouring with foundation, powder and concealer, but the brushes are really comfortable to hold onto and gave me an even application.

  • bigdaddyjavy - Great value and alternative to other laser fit mats

    Made specifically for your charger, like the title states. Only one other item compares at about 3 times the price this purchase is a no brainer.

  • P. Camargo - Thought Provoking, yet lacking and somewhat disappointing.

    Well I must admit, I saw the author and heard the author as she made the rounds of her book promotion on CNN, NPR, etc. I was intrigued and purchased the book. I'd have to say it left me disappointed. It has some thought provoking exploration on how mathematical models impact our daily lives and the implications of these systems when given a great amount influence with little understanding of how they work. While interesting, the book is quite shallow in exploring anything beyond the speculative drawbacks of such systems and the underlying flaws. The author does not really examine substantive facts about the performance of each system, she just highlights headliner flaws and speculates on the long term consequences without offering any real solutions. In summary I fell for the sales pitch the author delivered, considering her credentials I assumed it would be an in-depth analysis of these algorithms. Instead it seemed incredibly simplified, perhaps to reach all intellectual levels, but it was quite disappointing, especially considering the price of the book. It seems reminiscent of a movie trailer that basically gives you enough of the plot of the movie that you have no need to go see it.

  • Soultrap - Appears to work decently, difficult to test.

    The ultrasonic pest repeller is a difficult product to effectively test. I purchased approximately one week before writing this review and have had the product active since receiving it. I didn't have a bad problem with bugs, but live in the south-east and like to take preventative measures. The product does state that you may see an increase in bugs after initially using, and that they will disappear in the coming weeks as they move out of their hiding spots. We did see an increase in bugs after the first couple of days, and then they disappeared. I have noticed, however, that it does not appear to keep flying bugs from coming into the room completely (i.e. mosquito's and such) but it is difficult to determine if there would be more without the product. I received this product at a significant discount, however I am leaving an honest review based on my own experience with the product.

  • retired to read - STEAMY STORY

    This was a steamy story about 35 year old Max, basically a lawyer from a family of lawyers meeting barely 18 year old virgin Lola Grace at a bar on her birthday and taking her home. He was out enjoying his last night of freedom before signing a contract marrying LG's mother for purposes of saving his family from bankruptcy and lending his name to bolster her run for mayor.

  • Amazon Customer - 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

    2004 Pontiac Grand Am, 140,000+ miles. Crack/leak/whatever on the intake manifold. So small we didn't notice...until we pour blue devil in. Almost immediately we saw it seeping out of the crack, and over the next hour (almost down to the minute) it slowly bubbled out and fixed the hole. Runs like a dream now. We were also getting a cylinder misfire before (due to the air in the system I guess) and that stopped as well. Any bad review is either such a catastrophic problem it just can't fix it, or it is most likely being used improperly. Plain and simple. Guy at the auto store said he has refunded a few (not many cause it works) with authorization codes from Blue Devil, so people that aren't getting money for the guarantee are probably not following directions. Thanks Blue Devil. You sweet crack fixing little devil, you.