Pharmacy Drug Guide - Pharmacy Drug Guide provides information about pharmaceuticals and their side effects, interactions, and effects on fetal development when used during pregnancy. We also provide information on how to save money at your local pharmacy by providing information on manufacturers' drug coupons and patient assistance programs.

  • Category:Prescription Drugs - Pharmacy Drug Guide - Drugs are substances which change bodily functions when ingested. Drugs are taken to cure a condition, to ease symptoms, or to prevent conditions from developing. Prescription drugs, as opposed to over-the-counter drugs, are regulated medications that must be authorized for sale or distribution by licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, paramedics, dentists, optometrists, and veterinarians.
  • Category:OTC Drugs - Pharmacy Drug Guide - Over-the-counter drugs, also called non-prescription drugs, are medications that consumers can purchase without a prescription. Some OTC drugs relieve symptoms of illnesses without claiming to cure them, and may fight discomfort or itching. Other OTC drugs can prevent or heal illnesses such as athlete's foot or tooth decay. These drugs are generally available from supermarkets, discount department stores like Target or Walmart, or from neighborhood pharmacies. OTC drugs include pain relievers, cough and cold medications, weight loss supplements, and allergy medications, among others.
  • Category:Drug Coupons - Pharmacy Drug Guide - Help is available for patients struggling to pay for their medications. In addition to using generic drug equivalents, drug coupons are provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers for both new and established brand name medications. Coupons for OTC medications are typically found in newspapers and magazines, while prescription drug coupons are usually issued in the form of downloadable vouchers that need to be presented at the pharmacy with a valid prescription.
  • Category:Patient Assistance Programs - Pharmacy Drug Guide - Patient assistance programs (PAPs) are prescription support programs operated by pharmaceutical manufacturers, government agencies, and third-party organizations. These health discount plans are intended to provide qualified patients with prescription medications for free, or at a significantly reduced cost. Each has its own eligibility criteria and enrollment qualifications. For most plans, this includes an income requirement and lack of adequate prescription drug insurance.
  • Category:Drug Side Effects - Pharmacy Drug Guide - Drug side effects are secondary effects that occur along with the intended actions of a medicine or supplement. Side effects occur with just about all drugs, including prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as illegal substances.
  • Category:Drugs and Pregnancy - Pharmacy Drug Guide - Women who are pregnant or who are considering becoming pregnant may need to work with their doctors to reevaluate the drugs they're currently taking. Often, this process begins by looking at the medication's pregnancy category. Drugs are assigned a pregnancy risk factor category ranging from A through E, and sometimes X, by the Food and Drug Administration, depending on what has been learned about the drug through animal and human studies. In some instances. when the drug is not administered systemically—as with a topical cream—or it is shown not to cause fetal harm, manufacturers may not include pregnancy risk information on the product label or insert.[1]
  • Category:Drug Recalls - Pharmacy Drug Guide - A drug recall is initiated when a product is temporarily or permanently removed from the market. Recalls may occur because a product has been determined to be potentially harmful or is defective. Sometimes problems are discovered by the product's manufacturer and a recall is initiated by the company. Other times, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, may raise concerns about a product, prompting a recall.
  • Drug Side Effects - Pharmacy Drug Guide - Drug side effects are possible when patients take any medicines, both prescription and over-the-counter. Adverse drug reactions can occur for various reasons, such as interactions with other drugs, incorrect dosage amounts, or allergic reactions to the medicine itself.[1][2] Patients may also react differently to various drugs and medicines due to factors related to age, gender, and other genetic conditions.[3] Just as prescriptions and other drugs come with side effects, so do natural supplements such as herbs and vitamins.[4]
  • Category:Drug Samples - Pharmacy Drug Guide - Drug samples offer patients an opportunity to test a new medication at no cost before spending money on a full bottle or monthly supply. Consumers may obtain samples of prescription or over-the-counter drugs from various sources, but must consult a doctor before receiving any samples of prescriptions.
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  • Pharmacy Drug Guide:About - Pharmacy Drug Guide - PharmacyDrugGuide is a United States medication information website that provides basic information to the general public about a wide range of prescription and over the counter medications in understandable lay terms.
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