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  • Shannon - Good stuff

    When I give this to my kiddos on a regular basis I think it really improves their health during flu season. It also helps resolve some skin issues they sometimes have when combined with Elderberry.

  • David Baldridge - New Smaller Size For Convenience

    It is with the greatest delight that I greet the announcement that Parent Child Testing Product is now available in a more economical 5-pack. Although the per unit price is still a bit steep, saving the shipping costs for the extra 5 or 10 units really helped.

  • Ann Manley - It was alright, but too short of a program for my taste

    I used this cleanse last year after finding it at a local store. I compared it to some others and it appeared to be a quick solution to a cleanse and had fairly decent reviews so I decided to try it. My personal experience was that it was not the worst cleanse that I have done (no major pain or issues) but I felt that 7 days of a cleanse did not necessarily give me enough of a cleanse to get the necessary and/or desired results. After I completed this cleanse I ended up purchasing a generic bottle of colon cleansing pills to make me feel completely cleansed.

  • Rose Maldonado - It works!!

    I tried the corn removers and it worked the first time, I'm very happy to have extras on hand for later use! Thanks Amazon!!

  • Amazon Customer - Help?

    I ordered this product about a month ago. It came on time and was exactly what I expected. However, when I used this the first time I accidentally summoned Micheal Jackson. From my experience this is a product to avoid unless you are okay with zombies dancing to Thriller in your living room (I am not). I rated this a 3/5 stars but it is really more like a 65/100. Also, does anyone know of a product that works to remove ghosts summoned? (Jackson has over stayed his welcome)