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  • antiark - great tasting

    Well, i cant really speak to the medicinal properties of this tea supplement as i havent taken it for a full month(i will follow up) i can say that this tea tastes great and do believe teas hold holistic values. i would recomened this based off of taste and positive thinking towards cleansing.

  • Elizabeth D. - This product really does deliver!

    I purchased my NuFace device from the spa where I received the "New Year, New You" facial. The esthetician did one side of my face so I could see the results during the facial process. I was so pleased, I bought the product right there at the facility. I've been using it every morning since purchasing it and the results are amazing! When I came back to my office from this vacation, my employees commented that I looked very rested and that my skin looked great. My hairdresser commented (while rinsing my hair) that my skin looked "impeccable." In just a week's use, there are very visible changes: skin tone is tighter, eyelids are lifted, jowl line is tighter. Admittedly, I am blessed with good genes, and I make sure to take care of my skin in the morning and at night, but this device clearly makes a bigger, better difference in my skin. I gulped when I heard the price, but it's really only the price of three facials, and well worth it.

  • Artemis - I'm sure it's beautiful if it's INTACT.

    This ornament arrived in pieces, which wasn't at all surprising given its having been thrown into a box containing no packing material whatsoever. Factor in the extreme temperatures and you've got seven (two components miraculously stayed attached) sparkling, useless crystals. I'm bummed -- this was so preventable. Needless to say, I won't order from this merchant again.

  • Richard A. Root - Frankly, Not Worth It

    A very strange book. The author has previously written another music biography that I really enjoyed, Catch A Wave about Brian Wilson. That biography also concerned a music legend that Mr. Carlin was not able to interview for his book. However, he produced a very positive book about Mr. Wilson. In Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon, he begins the book as he continued throughout the book, with an apparent chip on his shoulder against the subject. Strangely, while he portrays Simon as an arrogant, almost hateful man, the story contains numerous times when he is shown to be a very giving person. According to the information provided by Mr. Carlin, Simon often pays far above the going rate for his supporting musicians, and does give them credit for the music and ideas that they provide. Yes, he has had an on again, off again argument with his partner Art Garfunkel. However, Mr. Carlin's own words show that at least half of the problem lies with Garfunkel. And, although Carlin seems reluctant to admit it, Simon's solo career is every bit as brilliant as his work with Garfunkel was. Does Paul Simon want to cover-up his early Tom and Jerry days? Probably so, but what artist who has later blossomed doesn't want to ignore his early attempts? This does not make Paul Simon a bad person. Obviously, I was greatly disappointed in this book. Unlike Catch A Wave, it was not worth the time or money that I spent on it.

  • C. Nowak - Outlook 2010

    Purchased as a download and everything went as planned. Outlook works great and was able to install it on 2 PCs.

  • rallycat19 - Disappointing

    Followed the directions to the letter, but the product didn't make any noticeable difference - except I had to pee a lot from drinking so much water. Very disappointed.