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  • Sharon L. King - Change your life by eating right

    I have used Mark Hyman's detox diet twice, and this year, the second time, I have followed through with my eating habits. I don't need any supplements, although I do use Spirutein, a protein powder, with almond milk and frozen berries for breakfast, and I take emergen-c powder with a probiotic as well. For lunch I have a rye cracker and a small can of tuna; for dinner, protein, vegetables, and sometimes rice. I also have a glass of wine. This is how I live: no sugar, processed foods, dairy, flour except whole rye, which is the lowest grain on the glycemic index. I feel losing weight (about one pound per week), sleep well, have lots of energy, am not bloated, have glowing skin, and the constant sneezing from allergies is also gone. This time, it's for keeps. I am 68 years old and I want to live to see my grandchildren get married. I don't think that eating this way is any more expensive than paying for all the processed crap that is ruining our bodies and being forced on us by the addiction is a killer, in my opinion, and I think Hyman has the edge. You don't even need the recipes...just saute it, roast it, add rice to it, eat it raw, add spices, olive oil, whatever. I give my husband a potato for dinner so he won't feel like he is being deprived....all junk is out of the house. I suggest to start, do everything he says. Then make it your own. Believe in yourself and set a life doing everything on your bucket list.