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  • Emily Brooks - Love going all Natural!

    I have 3 dogs in the house, and embarrassingly, I have been struggling with fleas for a few years. I've tried store bought products, prescription products, including Frontline and Capstar, and every flea shampoo imaginable and nothing seems to work. Adams flea spray seemed to work best of all the products I used, but even it gets rid of the fleas for a only couple days, but then they are back. Sometimes, I even wake up with flea bites on me! We decided our house must be infested, so we set off the flea bombs and that bought us about 3 days flea free.

  • Lanessa Gates - Love it...

    I've been using for two weeks.....once in the morning once at night and already noticed plumpness and dimple area starting to smooth out.....also I can feel little more jiggle and bounce when i walk and hubby has noticed it too......can't wait to try with the pills to see more results