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  • Robert Swafford - Poor Quality

    Prompt shipment carried this monster upstairs and quick and easy assy. Started to use the equip within 30 minutes. We used the product infrequently for about 60 days and my wife said it was making a clicking noise. The rollers hit the frame when used aggresively. I called customer service and a replacement part was shipped.. Recieved 3 days later, installed, no change. Called again, rep came out to replace arms. Only one was replace because that wasn't the problem. He ordered the entire bottom rails frame and all. It came in about 4 days later. Called the rep and returned 3 days later. Replaced the parts and seemed ok. Not when used aggresively. Still clicks. Now had too long for return. Amazon said go to company, company no responce. Product works BUT it clicks, freaks me out.

  • Atlanta Lawyer - Keeps Shutting Down During Backup in Windows Vista Environment

    I have had this product for a few months now. I have never been able to run a successful backup. I am in the Windows Vista 32-bit environment, and the backup will get about 2% complete when my computer goes dark and completely shuts down. I have been extremely disappointed with this product and its effect on my computer. I cannot recommend it and feel as though I've been sold a defective product.

  • insanity! - Not a good purchase for us.

    UPDATE: We've had this for over a month now ... daughter put it down for several weeks, until I put the Clam Prix game on it (i'm sure that once she finishes that, it will again be put away). The Connect never works properly, customer service is horrible. I will not be downloading any more items and will be getting a DSi in place of this. Overall: a bad purchase!

  • Intoilija - Consistent quality

    I've bought re-filled printer cartridges from other vendors in the past, and they have always been defective. But, with this company (LD), every one of the printer cartridges we've purchased over the past 10 years or so has worked like new. I'm very pleased and impressed.

  • Filippo E Dipillo - Total piece of crap.

    Im in the center of town Less than 6 miles from every local station and only get one! I only want abc nbc fox and cbs.

  • partygrrrl - The best! Only high chair we use

    I LOVE this. We have been using it since before our daughter could sit unassisted but it works great with the belt buckled to help her sit up. When she was really little (12-14 pounds) we'd use a baby blanket behind and around her to fill up some of the extra space in the chair. She loves sitting at the table like a part of the family. We have taken it to restaurants and it has worked great every time and we've gotten lots of compliments on it. We originally got a Chicco which didn't fit on our table because of the really long arms. Also the Chicco is quite a bit bigger and she was just lost in it. Also looked at the Phil and Ted's version but it is a lot more expensive and won't fit on any table or counter with any sort of "lip" or skirting. This one fits on every table we've ever tried it on. Also we love the machine washable feature! Almost didn't get it because I saw a lot of negative reviews about how hard and time-consuming to mount it on the table it is and this just isn't true. Simple, quick and easy to put on any table and very easily portable. Perfect for our small house and great because there's nothing keeping her away from being right at the table with us. I would buy this again and consider it to be one of the few "must-have's". Totally recommend this to everybody!!