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  • BEVERLY SELLA - Cleaned up Justin Credible Mess

    I bought this product hoping that it would work to clean my white kitchen cupboards sufficiently so that I could sell my home without having to upgrade to replace the perfectly good WHITE kitchen cupboard. It did a great job. Looked great with the newly painted creamy yellow walls. I was basking in the glow of how well it turned out and taking a well earned nap, when I was awakened and told that my one year old (prematurely terrible two toddler) had found a black marker and used in on my white cupboards and appliances and floor. I freaked, determine that my grandson, Justin Credible, would not make it to two. We calmed and tried the Krud Kutter on the damage and it worked beautifully without damaging any of the finishing. I am very pleased and the kitchen looks great.

  • Esteban Duarte - Awesome Cycling Shoes

    They are my first Cycling shoes but I find them awesome. They are light, have great ventilation, great fit, easy to strap. I'm a speed skater so I do cycling as an extra training and these have been really helpful.

  • Amazon Customer - BEWARE! You will be signed up for RECURRING Payment Hell !!

    I don't even know if this stuff works, and at this point I don't care. I am VERY careful to make sure I am not signing up for recurring automatic payments and shipments when I order online, because I've been scammed by other companies like this. When I called Proactive to cancel it, they said it was already sent, (I doubt it since PayPal just debited my account about 2 minutes ago) and I would have to pay for it, ($66.00) because it is an automatic 3 month order. I told her I was returning it and cancelling my payment. " You can do that, but it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get a refund" REALLY? In this day and age? I would never trust a company that has to resort to sleezy tactics to get people to buy their products. Holding customers hostage in recurring payment hell is no way to run an ethical business. I will definitely go to Target and buy their product like another reviewer suggested.