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  • Chandra Hanes - Love the products

    I've been using the shampoo, conditioner and detangling spray on my daughter every day. (Well, we shampoo/condition about twice a week.) I use the shampoo and gel on my son's hair in the same way. We have not had issues with lice yet. I would give the products 5 stars, but until they are around children with lice (we fought it for 6 months in the classroom last year!) I don't feel comfortable saying it absolutely works. For me, I figure we've got to buy shampoo etc. anyway, might as well use a preventative one. My daughter does tell me she hasn't noticed the gnats flying around her face lately. I was a little concerned about all the oil mentioned in the product, but I needn't have. My daughter's shoulder length hair always looks lovely. So much so I've started using the product myself just so my hair looks better! Can't beat a natural, organic product I guess.