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  • Thea - Workbook Elicits focus, engagement, and pinpoint strategies

    The language in this book is easy to read and also very confrontational and realistic in regards to what you should expect on the exam. Questions really stress the strategies, strategies, and more strategies! You could not go wrong with it because no matter how amazing you think you have performed on past practice tests, this equipping tool should help you even more. I read this book front and back twice, and even the medical / latin / nursing dictionary in the back is a great refresher for any student just out of school. The practice test in the end is also great because it provides the rationale later on, along the end, so you can answer a lot of alternate format and multiple choice style nclex questions as you would see yourself doing them on the exam. Its a step by step strategical workbook by kaplan that helps you adjust, engage, and get an envisional look of what it will be like on the test. Worth the buy at this low price. Would highly recommend for poor nursing exam takers as I.

  • rainbowgurl23 - More Gore Does Not Equal A Great Show

    Well, I can't believe the day has finally come where I will stop watching this show. Someone else commented on here about being tired of the same story basically being recycled, but with more and more gore. Yes, that is exactly what this opening episode was, and I just don't think making something traumatizing means it's a good show. I personally have been more captivated by Fear the Walking Dead, which as rich characters and more interesting storylines. FTWD is an intense show, but they use gore in a way that's compelling, not just for shock factor. I'm so disappointed with this season's opener, and I'm so over this basic story line of seeing Rick and company be dragged through hell just to come out fine on the other end (this hasn't happened yet, but I know that's what's going to happen). I'm bummed out that I bought the full season pass for this show, and am hoping that I can get my money back since I don't plan on watching it anymore.

  • Patrick Competelli - Not a bad program for the cost

    Once you learn how to use the program it becomes much easier. At first there is a mild learning curve depending on your knowledge of software and computers. I was able to change many things to my liking and some things, I just couldn't figure out. I would recommend this product for the person that wants to keep track of their clients all in one place and be able to keep records and notes with a time stamp. The program will also alert you about appointments and other dates and times that you need to remember.

  • Amy Bumatay Tulley - After 2 years, I still love it!

    I've had the Uppa Baby Vista 2009 for 2 years now, and we still use it as our primary stroller. We walk around town a lot, on trails, and on the beach, and we've used this stroller. It's not the smoothest ride, but babies often like a little bumpy ride anyway! I used the bassinet for over 6 months, just because I loved how she can just sit in it (I was very careful!). Sometimes she even slept in her bassinet in our room. We still interchange the direction of the main seat. Just last week, we were walking downtown and it was very windy, so we changed her seat direction while she was still in it (probably not recommended in the manual!). Overall, it is an AWESOME stroller! I fold it up all the time and keep it in my trunk quite a bit. It is not the smallest or lightest stroller by any means, but there are so many features that I love about it, and it's durable! My wheels don't squeak, like another reviewer noted, but I have trouble with the brake. I end up engaging it/disengaging it by hand b/c it gets stuck. That's the only bad thing (and the cup holder isn't too great on it). The fabric has held up with time despite being left outside several nights. We have the Mica, which looks great! I've never had to wash the covers. Sun visor is awesome! Soon, we'll probably get the piggy back so our toddler can ride on when we have our next baby. We LOVE our stroller, and get comments on it all of the time!

  • Stephanie - The book is great, but the real benefit of this purchase is ...

    The book is great, but the real benefit of this purchase is the incredible quiz bank and practice tests you get access to online! This was the only thing I used to study for the GREs and I did much better than I expected. With the quiz banks you are able to really target the skills you are struggling with and improve in those areas!

  • Tiffany Topping - This stuff smells BAD - and it lingers

    I was looking for an affordable, natural soap for my daughter. I have sensitive skin, so I anticipate that she may have some of the same issues. This stuff smells BAD - and it lingers. It also does not foam - whether you put it on a sponge or in the tub under the water. There is zero suds. I mean I may as well just be pouring more water into the tub.

  • D. K. - Cool concept, but inaccurate and therefore useless for me.

    Although the concept for this device is cool and the app for iOS is slick, there is a major problem with it. Namely, it is very inaccurate.