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  • Dottie C - Save running to the store

    This is a great little product that has tons of designs for that last minute, oh I forgot to get a card moment, or I want something special that isn't going to be given by somebody else. You can make up your own too if you don't want to use something they have. I like this better than any other card maker I've used.

  • Anouchka Fairon - BEST FACIAL CREAM

    Amazing product and the real deal. I love this cream and I can see the difference. I am over 50 and my skin looks 40. I got the product within a few days of ordering and the seller answered my questions promptly. I am very pleased with the product and the seller and will be ordering from them again.

  • P. Body - Premium, indeed!!!

    Love the comprehensive approach they take in this prep guide! I took the GRE last month and this guide was the most accurate in providing the real experience. The digital components and the six practice tests were invaluable for my preparation. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • skinnyfatgirl - I feel like ME again

    My cousin talked me into this. I was extremely skeptical - have been a horrible dieter my whole life - I always feel deprived and have to cheat. But I was already too heavy from a sedentary job/lifestyle - and then my husband left me and I packed on 15 extra "comfort food" pounds. So I figured - I'll try anything for 30 days. Also - another relative who is a medical doctor (internist) vetted the system and the entire ingredient list and gave it a thumbs-up so that gave me some comfort as well. Well, I lost 13 lbs in those 30 days and more importantly - I lost more than FIVE INCHES around my waist. I am a menopausal woman - you know how hard that abdominal fat is to lose at this time of life - I thought it was there for good! But all of a sudden I feel like the layers are just melting away - returning me to the person I remember being. I feel like a million bucks - all my pants fit (and are falling off) - I look hot - and I am STILL losing weight. Not as fast as the first 30 days, but it has been steady, and the inches continue to come off as well -- not just waist but arms and legs, my face is noticeably thinner, etc. I have found the diet super easy to follow and it fits in well with my lifestyle. I still go out to eat - I still eat treats (but I don't crave them anymore so when I do eat them I only have a bite or two and that is all I want), I still drink wine. I don't feel deprived. And I never feel hungry - in fact I often feel downright full, which makes it easy to turn down extra helpings and office birthday cake. Let me also say that I have not been exercising AT ALL - I continue to be really sedentary although I am planning to change that - so this weight loss is not aided by exercise/calorie burning. Time will tell if the weight stays off - but I have lost weight before and then rebounded. This feels completely different - very healthy and maintainable. It is kind of expensive - but the whole system works together amazingly well - I have stopped taking most of the other supplements I was taking (and I was taking a LOT of them) and I buy fewer groceries so it probably comes close to netting out. Anyway I can't think of an investment that has been worth more to me than recovering my health, my shape and my self-esteem.