Worksite Solutions - Workplace Safety | ATI Worksite Solutions - ATI Worksite Solutions partners with clients to develop customized employer solutions that prevent and treat employee injuries, and reduce medical costs.

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  • Mission & Values | ATI Worksite Solutions - At ATI Worksite Solutions, we are driven by our mission. To achieve it, we look for phenomenal individuals who are bright, creative, dedicated and energetic. Our Mission To provide a fully-integrated onsite team of healthcare providers dedicated to proactive, engagement-based strategies for total worker health.
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  • Customer Satisfaction | ATI Worksite Solutions - Customer satisfaction begins during the development phase of our partnership.  Unique Approach With a model that is built around SERVICE delivery, quality is at the core of our objectives. Perceived quality requires that all participating parties are clear and agreeable to the KPIs. Once this is established, our operational team will build in redundant levels of oversight to ensure delivery at the provider level. Examples of the redundant levels are:
  • Outcomes | ATI Worksite Solutions - Our results speak for themselves. AWS programs routinely provide ROI in excess of 4 to 1.  Our program impacts many metrics, but consistently drives the following:
  • Reporting | ATI Worksite Solutions - We've built an innovative system that provides controls in all processes, methodology of delivery and reporting.  Custom Reporting Capabilities
  • AWS Services | ATI Worksite Solutions - Onsite Early Intervention Our commitment to early intervention and injury prevention is what makes us unique in the industry. Addressing symptoms early is key. Learn More>
  • Onsite Early Intervention | ATI Worksite Solutions - Our commitment to early intervention and injury prevention is what makes us unique in the industry. Addressing symptoms early is key. With our onsite staff spending more than 80% of their time ON THE FLOOR with YOUR employees we are able to remove all barriers to early reporting.  It is a common fact that most soft tissue injuries can be effectively treated through FIRST AID (as defined by OSHA). That is why our programs yield a 70 – 85% resolution rate of discomfort and pain WITHOUT any involvement in outside medical care.
  • Employee Testing | ATI Worksite Solutions - ATI Worksite Solutions provides all required alcohol and drug screens for pre-employment, post-accident, random, and additional DOT needs with provider-level staffing. Additionally, using our post offer testing process we can ensure that new hires can in fact perform ALL critical and essential functions of the job.
  • Injury Prevention | ATI Worksite Solutions - Through education, help enhance your bottom line by having a healthier workforce.
  • Health and Wellness | ATI Worksite Solutions - Boots on the Ground Approach Success can be seen when the message is delivered through one-on-one interaction with employees. Our “boots on the ground” approach features an On-site Certified Early Intervention Specialist; he/she is the consistent messenger of Workplace Wellness initiatives, allowing messages to be personal and appropriate to the individual, as well as offers support and follow through.
  • Occupational Medicine Services | ATI Worksite Solutions - We offer a well-rounded, traditional approach to occupational health, including the basics of medical surveillance, injury care and case management. Our TEAM of onsite healthcare professionals will be selected with your sites needs in mind and will therefore hold all relevant certifications/licenses for the delivery of all services. AWS can provide your site with the following clinical capabilities:
  • Restriction Management | ATI Worksite Solutions - It is most often the healthcare professional who is on the floor and best situated to assess return to work capabilities and accommodations. To begin this assessment process, our team will first ensure that updated, comprehensive Functional Task Analysis (FTA) exists. This FTA document should include a listing of the critical and essential functional task, the Physical Demand Level and a listing of non-essential functions. 

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