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  • Kathy L Duffey - Awesome Transformation

    The product is great ! After you get out of the shower just dry your hair with a towel , then pump once and put it all through your hair and especially on the ends and leave in . It restores your hair , leaves it soft and it smells great !! Has a clean smell to it , no fruity smell like most products . Try it , you won't be disappointed!! Good luck !!

  • Snowpig - Poor Execution Across the Board, Operates Nothing Like the Trailer Ad

    After months of hype waiting for our Furbo to arrive, it finally showed up at our house last night (10/13/16). We set it up (Android phones, major connectivity issues, only worked on one of two phones) and proceeded to try it out. Unfortunately, this product is a major disappointment in its current iteration. Treat popper clogs up (even when using the treats Furbo provided!), video is insanely laggy and choppy, the mic/speaker in the unit seems to be very low quality to where our pet doesn't recognize anything but the treat popper priming noise, and the connection to it cuts out frequently. There's a feature that is supposed to allow you to record a voice message that would proceed every treat toss automatically, but the stupid thing plays AFTER the treats are shot out, every time. Also, NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL OR TUTORIAL material available as far as we can tell. Ugh. Was hoping this would allow us to keep our pup at home instead of paying for our monthly daycare service, but Furbo just doesn't execute it's promises well, which due to them being mostly mechanical and/or hardware issues, can't be cured through an app update. Sending it back for a refund this weekend... so sad. Seems like there were way too many designers working on making this thing look cute, and not enough mechanical and software engineers around to make it actually work as advertised. 2 stars only because it semi-works, but -3 stars because it only functions at the most minimal expectation level possible.

  • Tillman H. Smoot - Protect that investment. These protectors will save it

    Super easy screen to apply and sturdy. A must have for anyone with a smartphone. My daughter has broken every single phone she ever had. Now, with this screen protector and a good case, her last phone lasted the length of her 2 year contract and we upgraded it. Bought this protector for the new phone. She loves it.

  • P. Taylor - YUCK! Smells like chemicals!

    I was doing subscribe and save to this and cancelled. It STINKS like chemicals on my babies and I refuse to use it. I typically love BB products but this one is no good. Don't waste your money or your time.

  • Monahseetah - DOESN'T WORK ON KINDLE

    This does not work on every device as stated. I purchased this for my Kindle Fire HDX. It does not work on Kindle. This should be stated in the description, but it isn't.

  • Natlee - Great little thermometer!

    I found this on Amazon after realizing that I needed a reliable thermometer for our new baby. Although I just received it, I have tested it on myself and my husband and have found it to provide accurate readings. On top of that, it is very simple to use. I would reccommend this to anyone looking for an affordable and user friendly thermometer.