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  • kay collins - Still got it after all these years

    after all these years still as entertaining as ever for playing with kids! The 5 yr old loves this as much as many video games and tv shows so it's doing exactly what it should be doing......making family game night awesome and loaded with fond memories

  • Bobby Fischerman - Can't We All Just Get Along?

    I give this book five stars because it is by far the best treatise to date regarding the avoidance of huge ships. BUT C'MON, PEOPLE! Did you learn nothing in the sixties? Avoiding huge ships won't solve the problem. Separate but equal waterways only drives us further apart. It is the lack of understanding between the huge and non-huge vessel communities that lead to well-intentioned but misguided tomes such as this. We must begin a dialogue with our huge brethren. Remember--we are all floating on the same ocean. I have a dream... that one day ALL vessels will be judged not by their tonnage, but by the content of their cargo. Next time a huge vessel approaches, just ask yourself "WWPD?" (What would Popeye do?)

  • mark - Dead Dimm Dead RMA

    I got the board but had to wait for a few weeks to build it,whe i did one of the dimms was dead and had to use memory check to get it to boot,otherwise the board is great if and when i get my new one :).The bios is easy to use and much better than any of the other ones i've used.Again when it was working;)i will keep buying Asus boards,though i will never use Amazon for after 30 days they wouldn't let me RMA it...lol it was like 33 days,other companys have a year so that really pissed me off.now i have to wait for Asus to deal with..anywho nice board and worth the high price,i'd just go buy it somewhere else with a better rma time limit.

  • D. Bertola - My Guilty Pleasure

    I find so much to interest me - don't like the recent reformatting of the first few sections - featuring near- mouse type, but works OK on the kindle. For myself though I definitely prefer the printed edition.

  • Anna - Awesome!

    Awesome book/series! I love every single character, plot and story line. I never want the Medlov series to end. I want another story with each man again, especially Vasily, I really need more of him and lilly. Thank you Mrs Nelson for being a amazing writer and for giving me an amazing escape.

  • Amazon Customer - Horrible. I thought the pretty designs would want to ...

    Horrible. I thought the pretty designs would want to make me look at my planner but it just reminded me of how little time I had in the first place when all the pages were left without being colored in. I also didn't the layout of the planner. Don't waste your money.

  • william hume - OEM QUALITY

    Works great,but installation instructions would have saved an internet search, once I found the DVD player it was easy to change discs