Andrologo Dott. Montalto Agrigento specialista in andrologia ad Agrigento. - Andrologo Agrigento, Medico Chirurgo specialista nelle problematiche della Disfunsione erettile.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 12.2944 Provincia di Treviso, Italy

  • B. Purcell - Awesome!

    I love this machine. It has a great warranty and my family uses it daily. We were so lucky to order in time to get the new 2009 model. The addition of an accessory rack and changes in the console make it well worth the buy.

  • BeckBoo2 - Great Bike

    The bike was mostly put together when i received it. All i had to do was put the wheels, handle bars, pedals and seat on. Easy enough i think, only took an hour. The only thing i had a little trouble with was adjusting the break line. It is a pretty light bike in my opinion, im a 5'3 girl and i can carry it up and down my stairs. im overall happy with my purchase