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  • Andy Allaire - This would be a GREAT product IF the NUTRITIONAL info were accurate!

    I, like so many other reviewers first downloaded the trial version of this software and plunged into it with an open mind for the first two-weeks I "played" with it. As I had questions I would e-mail Geoff at customer service and inquire about how to do something I couldn't figure out on my own. He was very helpful and quickly responded to my questions. At the end of two-weeks I purchased the product. My biggest "hang-up" with this program is the nutritional info charts. The larger chart at the bottom of the page is titled "INGREDIENT DETAILS" which provides Calorie, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbs. & Vitamin "C" numbers for each ingredient for the entire recipe. Just above that is a smaller chart titled "AMOUNT PER SERVING" which in my opinion should divide the lower "INGREDIENT DETAIL" numbers by the number of servings and report a per serving number of Calories, Total Fat, etc. however the numbers are exactly the same. In my opinion it renders the graphs useless unless you want to manually divided each ingredients numbers by servings, and I simply don't have the time for that. I had several e-mail discussions with Geoff and he stated that the programmer said the charts were accurate and that no further discussion was necessary and I haven't heard a word from him since.

  • ibuytoomuchstuff - Collectible bear

    So cute and soft! I love how the ears stick out of the hat. I wish there was a "2014" stitched on one of his paws or something. I checked out 2012 and 2013's bears and they are both adorable as well...with a baby on the way I'm sure I will be buying toys up the wazoo going forward, might have to start collecting these each year!

  • M. Norris - Not conditioning, not pleasant scent

    I don't know where/how this got described as a conditioning spray - I could not even put a comb through my hair after applying it. Luckily I tried it before I sprayed it on my 13 year old, because she would have been mortified at the smell and effect on her hair. I cannot speak to whether it "repels" lice because how can you know that? I can only say it stinks and it does not condition. I might try it as a bug spray when summer comes and the mosquitoes are rampant. Don't waste your money is the main point I can make.

  • Michael Amantea - Five Stars

    CAME INSTANTLY, way above average packaging, low price and quality equal to the charger that came with the phone.

  • Terry - DON'T BUY! TOO COMPLICATED TO USE! Much better alternatives out there, like EaseUS Todo.

    Very complicated to use. The only people who love this are computer repair guys. The average person can't figure out how to use it. It's very complicated to use, with basically ZERO support. EaseUS and others out there are better choices.

  • Former QB fan - QB profits on its product's failure

    QuickBooks (QB) is apparently programmed not just to stop improving but to fail, and Intuit is cashing in on the failure.

  • rebajean - Great book on the subject

    I have recommended this book more than a few times in my practice. I really love it and its ideas. It needs a followup book with natural remedies.