Amend the RAVE Act! - Sign the petition! The Rave Act has created a dangerous situation by discouraging EDM concert and festival organizers from enacting common sense safety measures

  • Sign the Petition! | Amend the RAVE Act! - Please join me in signing this petition. It is time for a "safety first" approach to drug use that includes harm reduction measures along with current law
  • About Shelley | Amend the RAVE Act! - Shelley Goldsmith was a fit, happy, academically strong, well-adjusted college student. She was my only daughter, and also the most unlikely person to die at an
  • About the Campaign | Amend the RAVE Act! - About the Campaign I officially launched the campaign to Amend the RAVE Act (ATRA) on August 31, 2014, on the first anniversary of the death of my
  • Contact us | Amend the RAVE Act! - Contact Dede and the Campaign For media requests and other urgent matters, Dede Goldsmith can be reached at 276-628-9540. Or, please email info

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  • Amazon Customer - Beat our beach tests

    Great cooler. Held up for our first year and we usually go through at least one cooler a year on the beach. This cooler kept things cold for the day and was easy to carry. Strong construction, light weight, little door on top seals well and met all our cooler expectations perfectly.

  • K. Gould - It zapped three days out of my life and $400 out of my wallet.

    It's most unfortunate that QuickBooks REQUIRES an upgrade every three years with new features that are minimally helpful. Each "upgrade" is a royal hassle that takes time and money. In 2016, when QB requires me to upgrade again, I would gladly pay $400 to avoid the ordeal.