treating neurodegenerative diseases, American Life Science Pharmaceuticals Inc. San Diego, CA Home - ALSP Inc., is focused on developing drugs for treating neurodegenerative diseases, initially focused on traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Alzheimers disease (AD)

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  • Gil Adams - Wonderfully entertaining story!

    There was plenty of mystery and tension. A really great plot, with good development of characters and excellent, believable science. A solid first entry into this genre.

  • Sammi - Love to take this as a supplement

    LOVE Slim & Sassy! It definitely picks me up during the day. I take it in a gelatin capsule. A side benefit is that it gives you great breath too! :0

  • Natasha - I love this seat

    I feel my really good about putting my baby in this car seat. It is not only super durable and safe; it didn't smell like chemicals when I got it out of the box. Clek seats supposedly have some of the lowest toxin levels in the foam and fabric. It was somewhat easy to put together and install. Watch the install videos on YouTube before installing to save yourself some frustration. I Didn't tell my husband how the latch system works, so upon trying to figure it out without a Manuel he broke the foam padding on the seat cushion in half, but it doesn't compromise the safety of the seat. I love how simple and plain it looks. We bought Ink and its a great color. Not too bright. I would recommend the Fllo to anyone and I would buy it again.

  • C.Y. Simpleton - Customer Service Infinite Loop

    Why is the retail box set $27 (which is a download also) while the digital download is $99? See my full review at the retail box product.

  • SusieQ - Better Than Sliced Bread

    I have two mop heads....per instructions I soak them both in warm water in the sink five minutes before use. I just spray the floor with a natural type cleaner, use one mop to clean, put it in a bag, use the other to rinse......then put them both in the washer, where they are right now. I love this. And I always hated having a dirty mop around, and now I never do. Gets behind the toilet. Good for baseboards. It is truly a helpful item, can't say enough good about it. And then later, i pull it out of the washer and set it out to dry for next time. Easy, and great.

  • Ankit Shah - Great Read

    These letters are available on Berkshire Hathaway website, but one would not read them sincerely except in the form of a book.

  • Jessica L Harrell - Absolutely WORKS great

    Hands down the BEST spider revenge EVER. Very mild nearly unnoticeable odor that really kills spiders and kills them fast. I put two bottles in my hand pump sprayer and treated roof line/sophit and fascia where daily spider webs infested our camp cottage - before Miss Muffet my daily vacation routine included sweeping the webs out every morning and smashing what few spiders I could see. The next day new webs reappeared... a losing battle until Miss Muffet. After one wetting treatment over two weeks ago (and after several intense rain storms), there are NO new spider webs and no spider sightings inside or out :-). Warning: do not stand close to the eaves when spraying or the fleeing spiders will literally drop down on your head! Highly recommend this product!!!