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  • Audrey - This could be a much better game if...

    I purchased this game for my kids for Christmas this year. Opened the box and saw the new "fire & ice" tokens and read the rules, and off we went. We are a household of rules, and the truth is, this game doesn't cover half of the things that can occur and how to handle them with the new tokens. For example, if you are the only pawn out of a "safe" area and you have an ice token, if you draw a card to move the ice token where do you put it? You can't place it on a "safe" pawn so do you discard it into the middle or are you forced to keep the ice token? This is just ONE example of about 5 different situations we've had, and we've only played the game two times. We've started listing our own rules, but were disappointed to find that the rules for the tokens were so vague. Note to Hasbro: How about you play the game a few times before you release it!

  • Niel Rishoi - Urgently essential book for good health

    No one doesn't need this book. If you are taking medication for any of the most "profitable" common health problems, or are about to, it is urgent that you read this book. Or if you simply want to improve your health. Mr. Ellison provides an invaluable public service by detailing the dangerous side effects of many of these medications - and provides information on safe, healthy alternatives. Medical quackery is rampant nowadays, with people being wrongly or over-prescribed: or prescribed, period, when there was no need to be in the first place. We are seeing, increasingly, more damning evidence against many of these drugs, with deaths occurring, lawsuits, lives ruined, and cover-ups by pharmaceutical industries. I have seen, first hand, some of the insidious, and scary side effects many medications have caused for my loved ones; and in a few of these instances, I proved the doctors wrong in their diagnoses and revealed the real problems.


    This book is FANTASTIC!!!!! Carry it in the car with you. It helps so much when you are on the go. The choices of foods from different restaurants makes it so easy to stay on the right track. I brought this copy for my brother. He loves it too. We are both diabetics, so we are are happy that we don't have to be frustrated when we are out with others.

  • Kelsey - For smoother face, not for acne

    I enjoyed spreading this all over my face twice a week, but it didn't really do anything for the small bumps I'd get every now and then. All this did was make my face smooth, and that's why I gave it four stars instead of three. I'd recommend this for people who want a smooth face, not for people who want to prevent bumps.

  • COdesigner - disappointed again

    All I want is a webconnector for mac to allow 3rd party integration with qb. I was told it would be available "soon" two years ago. Surprise, on the inuit web site they still say it will be available "soon" in the forums.

  • S. Jenkins - Bad Advice

    The top five ways he lists to get a job might have worked years ago. Nowadays, employers don't want people hassling them. Networking is still good, but drop the rest! Aside from networking, if an employer says "Do it this way" then that is how you do it, unless you want to be blown off or laughed at. cold calling employers and bugging them will NOT make them magically say "Oh yeah, let's create a job opening for Random Guy X/skip our procedures just for this guy."