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  • T McClinton - MBA Student, non-business undergrad major

    I have only gotten through the first four chapters of the book, and aside from a few typos, it appears to be a pretty good text. Comprehending the material requires extra effort for non-business majors (as is to be expected), so be prepared to read very closely and figure the less obvious material out through deduction and through working the problems at the ends of the chapters.

  • Rudy Pitte - Excellent!

    I purchased this product because it was less expense than a local purchase. Throw in the tax, cost for pickup and it makes this a great deal! Shipping was very fast. This is my second purchase and I'll continue to purchase from them.

  • Malena - Just Listen to your body and consider the effects of electrical interference around you.

    I got the Earthing Mat about 2 weeks ago and have experimented with it since. I was a little disappointed to see that most of the fabric of the cover is relatively cheap material:(

  • duodecimo tuono - Cure for tired wheel covers!

    I could go around and around extolling the virtues of these wheel covers: for less than 25% of the cost of a new one from the dealer, I got four (4) from OxGord! They seem to be high quality, fit well, and look just like the originals, minus the Toyota emblem in the center. I bought these because I was impressed with the OxGord wheel covers I bought for my Corolla. Same positive experience with these.

  • Masaba - A great, spooky ride

    I rated this book 5 stars because it kept me wanting to find out what's going to happen next. There's a back story that helps pull everything together [sort of] but you will continue to be surprised by each turn of events right through to the end. It's an intriguing, fast paced, great story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • teachermom - Not good in kindle format!

    Although I like the diet and ideas in this book, I would not recommend it as a kindle book. The graphics showing the menus and food lists were so tiny I feel like I have to buy the actual book in order to see what it said.