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  • Rob Harmon - Best Bang For The Buck

    I shopped around and found this to be an affordable option to my need. Easy to install. The best part is that I ordered it and the first one came in damaged but inside an undamaged package. My thoughts were, "oh boy, here we go. How are we going to get this thing replaced and what is it going to coast me." Walked in the house, got on line with Amazon and BAM! Right there on the site was exactly what I needed to explain the problem, how to have the damaged unit picked up and how to get my new cover. The next day UPS picked up the first one and within a few days I had a new cover. Amazing! These guys have their act together.

  • melanie bilodeau - I have to admit the taste is not pleasurable buy beauty doesn't ever come easy. It lightened my teeth almost 2 shades lighter ..

    This has made my teeth look so much Healthier. And so much lighter and whiter and cleaner. I have to admit the taste is not pleasurable buy beauty doesn't ever come easy. It lightened my teeth almost 2 shades lighter and I'm still using it. It's worth the cost of buying . And I think it works better than the whitening strips. I have to say this is a exceptional great whitening product for your teeth ,I didn't care for the taste but that comes with even whitening in the dentist office,these are just as good as the dentist,I got this threw a discount to try and its a very great product for your teeth

  • York Plagge - I cut a huge rug with this fantastic interactive gaming experience

    I cut a huge rug with this fantastic interactive gaming experience! I danced for so long once I got tired and couldn't dance any longer! Just Dance 2016 changed my life!!!!!!!!!

  • FiresHeart - what a relief

    week 11 of physical therapy after extensive shoulder surgery.......and my amazing therapist introduces me to mr. schwinn (airdyne wind jammer) this baby not only helps with strengthening but that constant motion relieves the remaining pressure and stiffness in shoulder and bicep area. i get home and start searching for a wind jammer, finding out no longer made and hard to find used ones. thru amazon, three items pop up, low end to high end. the velocity has an outstanding price, pretty good reviews and option for overnight delivery a big plus. ordered on tuesday afternoon and it is here wednesday morning. took longer removing from box than assembly. about an hour total. parts list is deceiving because some pieces were already attached to machine (so don't panic, just start to assemble) wires to hook up monitor are straightforward, one is male female connection and other two no need to match up, just connect. we did not install pulse rod arms on side of seat, not needed. not a wind jammer but such a great alternative. bike has a smaller footprint which is nice. can adjust tension for arms and legs. can adjust seat. rollers on front end so you can tip up and move pretty easy. my therapist has seen and given the thumbs up. (may not be for everyone during physical therapy so check with your professionals first !!) for me and my recovery, perfect!

  • Peter - Basic Math Errors and Poor Customer Support

    I've used this software for many years, and I never had a problem until the 2012 tax year. I have very simple taxes, and I love the free e-file offered by H&R Block. Unfortunately, this year the IRS notified me that there was a mathematical error in my tax return. As a result, my return was delayed, and my refund was reduced.

  • Ken Roberts - A Great Version

    This is the version that so many feel is the definitive Christmas Carol. It really is an excellent version. Alastair Sim plays Ebenezer Scrooge like no one else can. The believability factor here for both, the 'old mean Scrooge' and the 'newly transformed Scrooge' is very high, with the transformation itself coming about slowly. And that's what I like about this version. Scrooge doesn't suddenly become happy and giddy from the first of the three spirits, as in the Reginald Owen version. It takes Sim's old Ebenezer fully until the last spirit to convince him that he truly was a "squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner!"