Alec Sproten's Homepage | - Abstract Background: Illicit online marketplaces for drugs on the Tor network have been studied so far from a descriptive perspective and the only data

  • Alec Sproten's Homepage | - Sproten, A.N., Schwieren, C. (forthcoming), "Age Differences in the Reaction to Incentives - a Test of the Successful Ageing Extension of Social Production
  • How Abstinence Affects Preferences | Alec Sproten's Homepage - “Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.“ (Stephen Hawking) The context of the study Recently, the mass-media got
  • How Hunger Affects Distributional Preferences | Alec Sproten's Homepage - Experimental economists have a long tradition of running experiments with monetary incentives, with a number of underlying assumptions and methodological
  • Accountability and Pecuniary Sanctions Influence Fiduciary Money Management | Alec Sproten's Homepage - Sandro Casal, Matteo Ploner and I investigated the conflict of interests between investors and fund managers which often arises in asset management. A main goal
  • Age Affects Decision Making Under Uncertainty | Alec Sproten's Homepage - Behavioral Evidence In an aging society, the extent to which aging affects financial decision making becomes increasingly important to understand. We (Carsten
  • Testing Social Production Functions with Incentives | Alec Sproten's Homepage - Background The “aging employee” has recently become a hot topic in many fields of behavioural research. With the aim to determine the effects of different
  • The Effects of Aging on Decision Making | Alec Sproten's Homepage - A Selective Literature Overview With a growing part of the population getting older, the potential demands of older adults put increasing strain on already
  • Teaching Profile | Alec Sproten's Homepage - I started teaching during my doctorate, when I developed the exercise of Prof. C. Schwieren's Neuroeconomics class. Since taking up the position of assistant
  • Research Profile | Alec Sproten's Homepage - I am a behavioural scientist and I am used to applying methods from various fields (such as economics, psychology, endocrinology, or neuroscience) to the

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