Afluria | Patient Home Page - Afluria is an inactivated (virus is not alive) influenza vaccine used for immunization against influenza disease.

  • Afluria | About Afluria - Afluria is a flu shot that helps protect people from three common types of flu viruses.
  • Afluria | About the Flu - The flu is an illness affecting the nose, throat, and lungs. It is caused by the influenza virus and is spread by infected droplets.
  • Afluria | Why Get a Flu Shot? - Vaccines help a person's immune system produce protection from diseases that are passed from person to person (infectious diseases).
  • Afluria | HCP Home Page - Afluria is an inactivated influenza vaccine indicated for active immunization against influenza disease.

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    I bought this product at my local feed store. My vet had recommended it. We had an extremely heavy tick infestation in our yard this year. It was unusual because we usually get lone star ticks, but these were brown dog ticks. In the past when I treated the yard I used a granular product which then had to be watered in. I liked the idea that Tempo was one step. I did not find this product to be effective. With the granular product, the ticks were pretty much gone by the day after the lawn was treated. Tempo may have lessened the number of ticks slightly, but now I am out almost $20, and have to buy the granular stuff. Tempo flat out failed with the brown dog tick.

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    Good read... Nice to know that the world of business is not always run by the most selfish of us... Or is it??

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    Product tastes great, but I have purchased and returned 2 boxes to two different stores because the packets are hardened inside for no apparent reason and hard to get out of the packet. The ones I tried at Starbucks were granulated and separated easily. Anyone have this problem?